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Monday, July 17, 2023

Exploring the island of Anglesey

The area where we're staying is called Anglesey Island. And yes, it is actually an island even though it's not separated from the main part of Wales by very much. 

With a mixed bag of weather in the forecast, we set off exploring the island in Helen and Tony's car. 

First stop was just across the bay from where we are staying. 

Red Wharf Bay.

Yes, there was some blue sky and sunshine, but it was cool with a high of about 17C (64F) and a brisk wind. Still, given the temperatures in some parts of the world right now, we're happier with this!

Zoomed in across the bay, this is the place where we are staying.
You can see Max parked on the far right.

Zoomed in on a ship out at sea.

The tide is in.

Next stop was just down the road at Benllech Beach.

Considering the weather, there were actually quite a few people out.

We sat and had an ice cream treat!
Kevin, Tony, Helen.

Ruth and Helen.

Next stop was the lifeboat rescue station at Moelfre. Pretty interesting, and they have an interesting display of the rescue work that has occurred over the past hundred years or so.

Statue of Dic Evans.

Dic Evans was a local lifeboatman. During his 50 years service as a lifeboatman, Richard Evans was involved in 179 launches and the saving of 281 lives and is one of only five men to be awarded the RNLI gold medal twice, the highest accolade awarded by the institution and the equivalent of the Victoria Cross for bravery at sea.

Looking out to sea.


The modern lifeboat house.

The rescue boat is launched more often than you would think. There have been 17 launches so far this year. The most recent one was June 27th to assist two paddleboarders who had become too far out at sea and were having difficulty getting back to shore.

The old rescue boat is now on display.

Next stop was Amlwch Harbour.

This boat is looking a little rough!

Coastline on Anglesey Island near Amlwch.

Then we headed up to Cemaes Bay.

Viewpoint from Cemaes Bay.

Cemaes Bay.

From there, we hopped on the main highway and traveled south to the Bryn Celli Ddu Neolithic tomb...

Free to visit.

The tomb is about 4,000 years old.

The entrance to the tomb.

I took a video for you...

When we got back home, it was nice enough that we had happy hour outside.
Helen, Tony, Ruth, and Kevin.

And we had a nice sunset!

Watched the men's singles tennis from Wimbledon, then watched the Blue Jays beat the Diamondbacks.

It was a good day!

This morning, Helen and Tony drive back to their home in Somerset, England. We will see them again there in a couple of weeks time. It will take them five hours to get there, but it will take us two weeks!

Cheapest price I've ever seen on a Countertop Ice Maker.

And in Canada...

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