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Friday, July 14, 2023

Are we in the UK illegally?

We ended up having a busy day. First, we went and explored the town of Holyhead. For such a small place, it has a big, busy port.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about our passports. Immigration between these countries is very odd.

We arrived in the Republic Ireland from Spain. Ireland is part of the European Union, but it is not part of the Schengen zone. And of course Northern Ireland is part of the U.K., which is not part of the Schengen or the EU.

And so when we arrived in Ireland, they stamped our passports. But there is no physical border at all between Ireland and Northern Ireland, so crossing into Northern Ireland (which is the UK), your passport doesn't get stamped. 

But when we got off the ferry in Wales, we expected there to be passport control. But there wasn't. So while we were out walking yesterday, we returned to the port to ask about this. Because we felt like we were now in the UK illegally. But she simply said, no, they don't do that here. And if we get questioned when we exit, just to show them our ferry ticket. But she says we won't get questioned.

So despite Brexit and all of that mess, anybody from the EU can go to Ireland, then cross to Wales at which point they can make their way to England without any borders.

Very strange.

Ruth, enjoying some gorgeous flowers.

Interesting pub building.

Old walls.

Old castle with electric charge station.

Fancy pedestrian bridge at the port.

We went into a few grocery stores to check prices. Odd how much the Welsh language is in use...

The actual food signs are in English, but the aisle signs were in Welsh.

Ruth, reading the sign above the port.

The port area is about the same size as the town area.

We did some grocery shopping, as well as a few bottles of wine for our weekend with Helen and Tony.

Then a detour to fill our propane. Then another detour to fill up with cheaper fuel. And another detour to empty our holding tanks.

And finally, on to our rental caravan.

The tide is out.

Mountains in the distance.

Scenery along the way.

Onto a narrow lane.

It doesn't look like anything special from the outside, and the interior is a little dated, but it's really quite nice.

It's old, but really clean and tidy.

Me, in the mirror!

Hmm. Maybe Ruth and I will sleep in Max!

It's located on a farm.

Helen and Tony had a long drive from their place, and arrived about 10:00pm. Just in time to have a few drinks before bed! We didn't turn in until after midnight!

But while yesterday was nice enough, it's not looking the best for today and tomorrow. We've got a wet rainy view out the front window.

Record low deal on the Roku Express 4K+.

And in Canada...

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