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Friday, July 28, 2023

Quick visit to the capital city of Cardiff, Wales

We stopped in the town of Cross Hands for some groceries, then headed southeast towards the city of Cardiff. The two lane highway turned into a four lane highway, then into the M4 motorway where traffic was fairly heavy going into the city of Cardiff (pop 400,000).

Not easy to find decent free parking around Cardiff, but we ended up parking at the big IKEA store and doing the half hour walk into the central area.

The busy M4 motorway...

Taking the motorway to Cardiff.

The IKEA wasn't busy, and they had a huge empty parking lot. Not allowed to stay overnight there though. 

Quite a few big construction projects on the go.

Interesting old buildings.

The Proud Mary Pub. Since 1910.

We walked by a store that had a huge selection of international beers.
My favorite Mexican beer is Pacifico. But not at £2.65 ($4.50 CAD, $3.40 USD) per bottle!

We went in and wandered around the market.

Lots of different seafood.

Ruth, and not a very good likeness of Elvis.

The old Cardiff market.

The old castle walls.

You're allowed into the walled area, but not very far. Then you have to pay, and there was no discount for English Heritage members, so we took a pass. We plan to see lots of castles through the month of August.

Cardiff Castle.

Cardiff Castle Clock Tower.

The animal wall.

We walked around the outside perimeter for a couple of different views.

And then over to the city hall and museum, but neither were that interesting for us. We're hoping to take grandson Cameron to the London Museum of Natural History next month, so that will be better.

There are a lot of red dragon symbols.
The Welsh dragon has been a symbol of Wales since the year 655.

Another clock tower.

Nice old house, now a fancy restaurant.

Double decker merry go round.
Only £2.50 ($4.25 CAD, $3.20 USD) a ride!

These guys are getting tired holding the building up.

Scenery along the way.

There are several of these arcade buildings.

More modern part of the city, walking back to Max.

No idea how far we walked, but it had to be at least 10 kms.

Heading back to Max, we were contemplating where to spend the night. There were some okay parking spots just outside the parking of the IKEA store, but as we got closer we realized that we weren't in a very nice neighborhood so we decided to find something better. 

But it was rush hour traffic by then, so we stayed put until around 6:30pm, at which time we went to an industrial area closer to the M4 motorway. It turned out to be fine, but not scenic, and truck traffic started quite early this morning.

Today, we make our way into England over to Helen and Tony's place in Somerset where we'll visit with them for the weekend.

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  1. Cute photo of Ruth with "Elvis". We like Pacifico too, but I agree that is way too much for one. Of course, in a restaurant in the US, it would probably cost you $4-5!

    1. Thanks Emily! We were a bit surprised to see a "statue" of Elvis, especially in the market building but one section up on the top floor was full of LP records that they were selling so I guess Elvis was there for a reason.

      Kevin really likes Pacifico but not that much, lol!

  2. Wow, definitely not the Cardiff in the 1959 British movie "Tiger Bay". But I did enjoy the blog post !!!!

    1. Now you are really making us want to download that movie. We will try to remember once again when we have a good cell signal. We are glad that you still enjoyed the post though. :-)


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