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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

There's always the possibility he doesn't sell

Tuesday was a bit of a washout... literally!

We woke up to pouring rain, and it stayed that way all morning. While we were waiting it out, we had a thought that maybe we could get some laundry done. So I found a laundromat that was walking distance from where we were parked, and the first time the rain let up a little bit, we walked over there.

It was not a self serve. You actually dropped your laundry off and they wash it for you. But as with any other laundry option in Ireland, it's not cheap. €17 ($24.50 CAD, $18.50 USD) for one load, washed and dried. And, it wouldn't be ready until 5:00pm.

The laundry place was actually really busy. They looked swamped. But the guy and his wife were really cheerful friendly people. I guess they're rolling in the dough at those prices. No wonder they're cheerful!

So, we never made it to Londonderry yesterday. But, I did get the write up for the motorhome sale done. You can read it here...

For anybody wanting to explore Europe in a motorhome, this is a great opportunity. Easy to register and insure, and all set up to turn the key and go. But of course Max isn't available until early September. We're advertising him well ahead of time to give the prospective buyer a chance to make their plans. We're hoping to sell to another foreign buyer to give someone the same opportunity we had.

There are a few minor warranty repairs needed, but they've already been approved by the dealer and should be completed by the first week of September. At that point, we will already be back in Canada, but the buyer can pick up Max at their leisure after that.

And, there's always the possibility that he doesn't sell. Although it's doubtful, but if that's the case he will just sit for the winter and we'll come back and use him for another three months next spring and try again. We're not overly worried either way.

And if you want to order special number plates for your vehicle, a good suggestion is gel plates.

Picked up the laundry at 5:00pm, and finally made it out for a wander around town after dinner.

Still some threatening clouds in the sky.

Scenery at Dungloe, Ireland.

Looking back at the town.

Tourist photo frame of the town.

Another re-purposed phone booth.

We are definitely headed into Northern Ireland this morning though. We got up and drove early, and we're already half way there as I write this. Supposed to actually be a pleasant afternoon in Londonderry!

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