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Friday, July 21, 2023

Beautiful view over the Clywedog Reservoir

We woke up hoping to see more fighter jets buzzing overhead, and a single propeller trainer went by early on to give us some optimism. However the clouds and rain moved in shortly afterwards, and we had read that the jets don't fly this route unless conditions are good.

So we ended up moving on without seeing any more.

We carried on south to the Clywedog Reservoir. 

We sat at the overlook for a couple of hours waiting for the skies to clear.
And eventually it looked nice enough to go for a walk.

These cows were funny. 

All they could do was stare at us.


Out for a walk.

It was cloudy and overcast in one direction.

And nice and sunny in the opposite direction.

Another view of the reservoir.

Beautiful scenery.

Back at our viewpoint.

Unfortunately, there is no overnight parking allowed at the beautiful viewpoint. So we found a suitable spot on the opposite side of the lake, but without any kind of a view.

Here's a map of our route the last few days...

Today, we arrive in Brecon for our housesit. They don't want us there until they are finished work about 5:30pm, so we've got the whole day ahead of us. And we're only about 50 miles (80 kms) away, so we'll find something to do along the way.

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And in Canada...

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