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Thursday, July 27, 2023

What a difference a day makes!

Unfortunately, the beautiful weather from the day before didn't carry over into a second day.

With heavy rain forecast to begin around 11:00am, we got up at 6:30am and drove right away to another trailhead parking spot a little further on to access a different section of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Trail. 

We're not beach people, but we do like a good coastal walk!

This is why we drive early!

There's not much room getting through some of these villages.

Fishguard harbour.

We found a parking spot, had a quick breakfast and hit the trail as soon as possible to try to get some walking in before the rain arrived. As it was, it had been fairly clear when we first woke up, but it was overcast by the time we set out walking.

Standing stones.

Pembrokeshire coastline.

This wall was built with the rocks vertically.

These two white towers mark the entrance to Porthgain Harbour.

Porthgain was an industrial port between 1850 and 1931.

Click the photo to make it full size so that you can see what this area used to look like.

Porthgain is now just a quiet little coastal community.

It was here that it began to rain... an hour earlier than forecast. We decided that would be as far as we would go, since we still had a 45 minute walk to get back to Max. And yes, it drizzled with rain the whole way back, so didn't bother with any more photographs.

Back at Max, we got on the road to Britain's smallest city, St. Davids.

There, we wanted to see the gorgeous St. Davids Cathedral.

Pouring rain when we arrived at the busy pay parking lot (£1 per hour), we decided to have lunch first to see if the rain would settle down, but it really didn't. Eventually, we just put on our already wet raincoats and headed off.

A wet afternoon in St. Davids.

Magnificent 12th century St. Davids Cathedral.

St. Davids is actually open to the public for free. 

The wooden ceiling is beautiful.

We spent a lot of time looking up.

Carved wood statue hanging from the ceiling.

The organ.

Looking up in a different part of the cathedral.

The tomb of Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond.
Died in 1456.

Brass inlay.

Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond was the father of King Henry VII (and grandfather of King Henry VIII) but he died at age 26 of bubonic plague, two months before his son was born.

The back of the organ.

My neck was starting to get sore!

There are several other mediaeval tombs.

This guy must have been important!

Right beside the cathedral is the ruins of the Bishops Palace. It costs to enter, which made no sense at all since it was pouring rain and there really wasn't much to see that was sheltered. We wandered around the outside and took some photos.

Still raining as we walked back to Max.


Not a nice day to head to the seaside.

Pretty sure these campers are not having fun.

Old mill turned into fancy restaurant.

Another narrow road to get to our overnight spot,

We found a quiet spot near Minwear Forest. Only one other van was there. 

Today is looking overcast, but no rain as of yet. It's supposed to be nicer over near the city of Cardiff, so we're going to go head into the city today.

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