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Saturday, July 29, 2023

Max is still for sale

We've had a couple of expressions of interest, but nobody who wants to make a commitment. I haven't really made an effort to advertise him much other than writing the motorhome for sale blog post and copying it to a couple of facebook groups.

We would have preferred to sell him to a foreign buyer who would continue to use him the way we have. Such an easy way for someone from Canada or U.S. or Australia, (or wherever!) to get into a European motorhome and be able to turn the key and head off right away. So I'm kind of surprised someone hasn't jumped at the idea.

And if we end up selling privately to a local in Germany, they may not want all of our "stuff" and we would be left trying to get rid of it all. And if we sell it back to the dealer, they definitely don't want all of our stuff.

I will make more of an effort with advertising during August. 

Yesterday, we arrived in England. We have been to England many times, so it's definitely not a new country for us. In fact we've kind of lost track of how many times we've been to England.

We drove from Cardiff, Wales to the village of Keinton Mandeville in Somerset, England. We've been to Bristol and Bath and that area during previous trips so no need to stop in there this time around.

Crossing the Severn Bridge.

The photo above doesn't really show it, but there was a lot of traffic and it wasn't the most relaxing drive.

Finally, we got off the motorway and onto a secondary road.

It was actually nice to follow these two vehicles at a slow relaxed pace, even though there was a long line of cars behind us. At least it wasn't us causing the slow drive.

We stopped into the village of Somerton where there was a butcher that got great reviews. We bought some rib eye steaks for dinner that Tony cooked up for us. 

Arrived at Helen and Tony's where Helen had a beer and a glass of wine waiting for us. 

Max, parked up in the garden at Helen and Tony's.

They were delicious!

Dinner is served!

Nice price drop on this Mr. Coffee 5 Cup Coffee Maker.

And in Canada...

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