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Saturday, July 15, 2023

Thinking about a new camera

Our Nikon P900 is about five years old now, and it's been through a lot. It's actually starting to physically fall apart. Nothing that stops me from using it, but it's getting close to time to start thinking about a replacement.

We're visiting with Ruth's cousin Helen and her husband Tony right now. Tony just bought a new camera, and so I was checking it out. It's a Sony RX10 which is quite a bit more money than our current camera.

Not sure I can justify spending that much more, but I'm tempted. I always do a ton of research when it comes to buying a camera, so I'll have to do some comparison shopping and see what else is out there. Hopefully our current camera lasts until September, and I'll have time to figure something out while we are in Ottawa for a full month.

Anyhow, these photos are all taken with Tony's camera... mostly by him, and some by me.

It was a wet day, but Tony and the girls went for a walk. I stayed back and did some computer work.

Scenery along the way.

The tide is out.

Looking back at the property where we are staying.
You can see where Max is parked.

Helen looking out to sea.

Looking right.

Horses playing in the field.

The view from where we are staying.

A wet rainy day is a good day to make a roast dinner. The girls cooked up a delicious leg of lamb.

Mmm. Did it ever smell good when it was cooking.

Dinner is served.

The weather looks a little better today, so we are going out exploring in the car.

Great deal on this Little Giant Step Ladder.

And in Canada...

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