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Saturday, July 22, 2023

Meeting up with Tigs the dog

We headed down through the beautiful Wye River Valley here in Wales. Yesterday was the start of school vacation here in Wales, and we saw a noticeable increase in traffic on the roads. Lots of cars pulling travel trailers as well.

There was supposed to be the occasional bit of blue sky, but we never saw the sun all day. Still, we're finding the temperature of about 18C (66F) to be quite pleasant, especially when going for a hike.

It's a little congested going through some of the villages...

I had to pull up onto the curb to let this big truck go by.

And then wait my turn to try to get through this narrow two way street.

Then we were on this nice new highway for a while.

Scenery along the way.

We stopped at a picnic area near the town of Erwood, and found that there was a section of the Wye Valley Walk that ran nearby, so we left Max on his own, and set off on the trail.

The Wye River.

And looking the opposite way.

The trail didn't follow the river though. It actually went up a hill across the river from where we were parked.

Lots of ferns on either side.

Not a nice sky, but it never did rain.

The trail was not well used in this section!

However it was marked in some sections.

It's a really pretty area.

Back at Max around 4:00pm. We had been gone for almost two hours and did almost 8 kms (5 miles) with quite a few hills, so not a bad little walk.

Then we carried on down to the town of Brecon where we met up with Tigs the dog, and his owners Ruth and Chris.

Tigs is an old fellow. They think he's 13 or 14. He's a mixed breed staffordshire terrier.

We took him out for a walk, but he doesn't pose for a photo very well!

This photo looks like we're running, but we're not.

16th century private home near the golf course.

Pretty flowers.

Ruth and Chris are in a band. She plays the trumpet and he plays the tuba. They're off to some concert for the night, and will be back tomorrow, but we'll stay Sunday night as well and leave on Monday morning. Unfortunately it's pouring down with rain right now and it's supposed to do that all day, so it's going to be an indoor day. We'll get caught up on some internet stuff with a good strong/fast signal, do some laundry, and have showers. 


And in Canada...

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