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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Taking advantage of the blue sky and sunshine!

We said goodbye to Ruth, Chris, and Tigs the dog just before 10:00am, and hit the road heading northwest towards the coast. The skies were supposed to clear up by lunchtime, so we wanted to get some hiking in.

First stop was near a National Trust property called Llanerchaeron. It's actually closed Mondays and Tuesdays, but you can still walk the many trails around the property.

Here are a couple of photos from the drive...

The clouds are still hanging around!

Going through the town of Llandovery.


We got to the parking, but it was still cloudy out so we relaxed until lunchtime and then went for a walk after lunch. By then, it had cleared up as forecast and had turned into a beautiful day!

The walks were mostly in forest though, and not with much of a destination. We usually like to have a goal in mind, like a cave or a waterfall or a viewpoint. So while it was a nice enough walk, and good to get out in the fresh air, there weren't many photo opportunities. And with all the recent rain, it was a bit muddy in places.

Climbing over the stile.

There was one open section with a bit of a view.

The sunny skies were a pleasant change!

The 18th century house at Llanerchaeron.

Back at Max, we hit the road again heading southwest along the coast and into Pembrokeshire. We found a really good overnight spot beside an old church that isn't used anymore.

Heading southwest along the coast.

Max, parked for the night at GPS 52.014801, -4.74378

We were also parked very close to the Castell Henllys iron age settlement. It's a recreation of what life might have been like here 2,000 years ago, and it's done at an actual archeological site where there really was a settlement back then. It closed at 4:30pm, but the public walking trails go right through the site, so it didn't make sense to us to pay the £7 per person entry fee. But, they do have things going on during the day, with a visitors center and everything.

They have totem poles in Wales?

This big pig was really happy to see us. She came running down to say hello!

What they think people lived in back then.

Yesterday's drive from Brecon to Eglwyswrw.

We had a totally peaceful, quiet night and have woken up to a bright sunny day. We've got a nice hike planned along the coast, so we're off to enjoy the day!

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