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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Easier than we expected to get decent free overnight spots in the middle of summer holidays.

With an absolutely gorgeous day ahead of us, we got on the road early and drove to what turned out to be one of the best overnight spots ever, with a beautiful view of Dinas Head and the village of Dinas Cross.

We arrived up there and were surprised to find we had the place to ourselves. It's actually been easier than we expected to get decent free overnight spots in the middle of summer holidays.

We followed this bus on some of the narrow two way streets through the villages.

Two way street.

Yep, this will do!
GPS 52.007104, -4.90034

What a view!

The view out our side window of Dinas Cross village and Dinas Head.

Looking west towards Fishguard.

From where we were parked, it was 5.7 miles (9.2 kms) around the Dinas Head coastal walk.

In a small cove on the east side is the remains of a 12th century church.

A model of what the ships were like in the 1700's.

The cove at the east side of Dinas Head.

A few people trying out the water.

While the sky was blue and there was lots of sunshine, it really wasn't that warm. Only a high of about 16C (61F). But we were hiking not swimming, so it was absolutely perfect for us!

The old church and cemetery.

Look at how that one tree has grown in the direction of the wind.

Looking back at the cove.

Scenery along the way.

Ruth on the trail.

Me, enjoying the day!

This colorful moth was enjoying the sunshine with us.

Gorgeous views.

Hiking through the ferns.

Looking east.

Looking west.

Beautiful vistas.

The path follows this coastline for over 125 miles (200 kms).

On the west side of the head is Pwllgwaelod Beach.

Heading down to the beach.

Despite the relatively cool temperatures, there were quite a few people enjoying the sunshine.

Zoomed in across to near where we started.
You can see the old 12th century church.

In the evening, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset view from Max's side window.


Zoomed in on the sun about to hit the water.

End of a perfect day!

Had a nice peaceful sleep up there, and got up early this morning to move on to another spot so we could get another hike in before the rain, which is scheduled to start around 11:00am.


And in Canada...


  1. Was there anyone else on the trail? It looks completely deserted.

    1. In the direction that we were going, no not many. Once we got to the main viewpoint there were quite a few more people on the trail coming from the other direction though, not sure how many of them would do the whole loop though.


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