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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

If you snooze, you lose...

Yesterday was a rain day. Probably the wettest day we've had for a long time. But, we still managed to get out... with our raincoats and umbrellas! It's only water.

We drove to the town of Porthmadog and found a big Lidl where we wasted some time doing some grocery shopping. Next door there was a camping store where we had a look around as well.

It wasn't a very nice day...


Scenery along the way.

The sheep don't mind.

There is lots of nice scenery in this area. Just inland from where we are is the Eryri National Park, but with the weather the way it is, it's really not worth heading up there. We would have liked to have climbed Mount Snowdon, but we'll have to give it a pass on this trip.

After we did our shopping, we put on the raincoats and went for a walk around town.

The view from under my umbrella!


Quite a few other people out in the rain.

We walked to a possible overnight spot near the harbour. It's right downtown, but it's kind of hidden. And, only £3 for 24 hours. There was one other motorhome already there, but also an empty spot that would be ideal.

However we got sidetracked and by the time we went back with Max, it was already gone. You snooze, you lose!

We got sidetracked by the tourist train. We had seen an old steam train go by in the distance, and found the train station.

The little locomotive was being loaded with coal.

People waiting to board.

Ruth, with the conductor. He looked like he had been working here about a hundred years.

The steam engine is steaming!

They do a 3 hour train ride up into the mountains and back. It costs £44 ($75 CAD, $57 USD) per person. Had we found a decent parking spot, we might have stayed overnight and done it.

Porthmadog Harbour.

St. John's Anglican Church, Porthmadog.

From there, we drove to the town of Harlech.

Scenery along the way.

Harlech has a castle!

Harlech Castle.

It costs to get in, but we've only just done a big castle, so I think we'll pass on the entry fee. We found a decent free overnight spot just at the base of the castle hill though.

Right by the road, but it was quiet overnight.

Looks like we might have some blue sky today! We've got a couple of walks planned, so better get going!

A few Fitbit deals today.

And in Canada...

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