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Sunday, March 24, 2019

La Quemada Ruins, and arrived at Zacatecas

We headed out of the Las Fuentes Water Park at around 8:00am. An early start considering it was less than a three hour drive to Zacatecas. But, we wanted to make a detour to show the group the interesting La Quemada ruins site a little bit south of Zacatecas.

Ruth and I had been here before... back in March of 2009, almost exactly ten years ago to the day!

Here was our route for yesterdays drive...

Yesterday's drive, 182 kms (113 miles).

Not much traffic on the roads on a Saturday morning...

The road started off a bit rough.

But it did get better.

Coming into Colotlan.

Hm. Not sure.

Through one of the towns along the way.

Arriving at the La Quemada ruins.

At the entrance gate, anyone under the age of 60 had to pay... that was three of us. Only another three years for Ruth and I to be able to take advantage of getting older!

Ruth, at the overlook. 

Unfortunately, the museum section was closed.

Looking up at the ruins. 

They think these huge columns supported the largest roof structure in the Americas at the time.

This civilization existed between the years 300 to 1200.

The site is known for the thickness of the walls.

They built onto the mountain.

There's Barry!

The number of stones is mind boggling!

Ruth, and the Votiva Pyramid.

Ruth, climbing the stairs.

Once again, lots of stones!

Bob, Denise, and Scarlet.


Unrestored steps.

View from the top.

View from the top.

At the top.

Another pyramid.

Heading down another route. Check out that wall.

An interesting stop, and we think the group enjoyed it. Much different than the ruins sites further south.

We made our way to the Hotel Spa and RV Park Hacienda Baruk on the western edge of Zacatecas.

Parked up at GPS 22.773962, -102.620164
Altitude 7,800'.

Today, we are taking them into central Zacatecas and meeting a friend for lunch!

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And in Canada...


  1. Replies
    1. They aren't sure. There are references to it being a site that the Aztecs visited, but they don't seem to know that it was built by the Aztecs.

  2. Very different set of ruins unlike ones I've seen. So many under-explored sites in Mexico

    1. We have found found that the ruins in Mexico all differ somewhat. The ones in the south that were built by the Mayans are similar to each other but they are very different to the ones up here in the north and the ones up here all seem quite different from each other. We love seeing places that are off the normal tourist radar. :-)

  3. Interesting columns - amazing they could make them circular!

    1. We agree! It is hard to fathom how they managed to make any of these buildings/walls/pyramids without having all the modern equipment that they have today. We can't even begin to imagine the work that went into making this site and how many people it would have taken to do it. It is really mind boggling!

  4. Replies
    1. Very much so! We are glad that we were able to make the little side trip in our units rather than having to come back another day in a bus/van from Zacatecas.


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