Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Haselünne, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Dulmen, Germany.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

One of Mexico's amazing natural wonders...

Yesterday, we did a day trip to Piedras Bola... the Stone Balls. It's a little known natural phenomenon that apparently has only happened in two other places in the world.

And it's not easy to get to!

But, Ruth and I have been there before. We love showing off these kinds of places to the group. Stuff that people don't normally get to see.

One of the guys living here at the ranch where Delia's Trailer Park in Etzatlan is, offered to take us all up there in his pickup truck. It's not that far... only about 25 kms (15 miles) up into the mountains between Aualulco and Ameca. And then about 6 kms on a dirt road.

All 10 of us piled in the pickup (six in the box, and four plus the driver in the cab) and off we went!

Riding the Mexican way!

Some nice views up in the mountains.

It was around 2007 when they put a road in to the Piedras Bola. It was supposed to be a big tourism initiative, with zip lines and adventure activities. But it didn't take off and nothing gets any maintenance now. The road in is in pretty rough shape and you need a 4x4 to do it.

Ruth and I and Bob and Denise got out and walked.

Here they come.

Sue and Roy in the back of the truck.

The first zip line stop.

Taking a break from the rough road.

Scenery along the way.

Me, braving the narrow suspension bridge.
I didn't go too far out.

Here they come again.

Bob, heading out on the suspension bridge.

Bob on the suspension bridge.

Paul went all the way to the middle!


And then we made it to the Stone Balls. You can only drive to the "Interpretation Center", which is all falling apart. The facilities, which were built when they put the road in around 2007 have never been maintained and all the windows are broken, as are the bathroom facilities that were also put in at the time. A real shame.

Anyhow, you then have to walk uphill a half a km or so to get to where the balls start.

Me, with two of the stone balls.

More stone balls.

Me, with another big one.

National Geographic did an article back in the 1969 when they were "discovered". Then in the 1990's the University of Guadalajara did a bunch of research and numbered and cataloged them. Apparently there are 72 of these almost perfectly round spheres lying in a bed of volcanic ash.

There is one area where some of the spheres are sitting on top of turrets. It's not easy to get to, but some of us set off to find them. I was the only one who made it down the steep path. It was hard work getting back up again!

But worth it to see the one remaining turret.

The other two have been lots to erosion.

I did a self timer shot.
But the sun was too bright and I couldn't see the screen so I cut off the top of the stone ball!

Natural stone ball.

Some of the balls are still buried in the ash.

Maybe we can roll one down the hill?

Roy and Bob, heading back on the rough road.

It was a fun day seeing some interesting stuff that not many people ever get to see.

Then in the evening, we had steak night! We cooked some steaks and baked potatoes over a campfire...

Mmm... looking good!

Yep, just about ready.

They were delicious!

Another great day in Mexico!

We've been here at Etzatlan a full week now, and although we would like to stay longer it is time to move on. We are heading north today towards Zacatecas.

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And in Canada...


  1. I have this picture in my mind of Kevin being chased by a stone ball as in "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

    1. Lol, he would need his Tilley hat on for that! ;-)

  2. Your RV trip is like winter camp for adults lol. Looks like fun

    1. It is sort of isn't it?! We have been having a great time showing the group all the different places that we have seen this winter, especially some of these little known places. :-)

  3. Just getting caught up to see that even as your group thins out you are still finding things of interest to see and do.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. There are always things of interest to see and do no matter how many are in the group. It was actually good that there are only 10 us now because if everyone was still here we would have had to draw straws to see who would have gone on this excursion because there wouldn't have been room for us all.

  4. What a rare, unparalleled and incredible adventure! On my bucket list now!!

    1. Glad to hear that! And there are so many more hidden little gems all over Mexico. We have a list of the them, and there are still lots that we haven't seen from that list. Hopefully next winter we can stroke off a few new ones. :-)

  5. Wow! I have never seen anything like it. This winter tour you have put together has to be one of the best!

    1. Thank you Peter, we think it was a good one too and we aren't finished yet! :-)

  6. Love the Stone Balls trip, neat photos!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Connie and Barry, glad you enjoyed the post. Those stone balls really are interesting to see.

  7. Replies
    1. Chris, you and Juan need to see this place and you would really like Bonnie's campground and the town of Etzatlan.

      We are looking forward to showing the group the beautiful city of Zacatecas. :-)

  8. Is there an
    explanation of how these occurred ?

    1. Not really, there are several explanations but none that have really been proven. This is a good article to read though, it does give a little more insight into how they may possibly have been created.


  9. Those stones are really interesting. I sometimes think things are placed where they are for a reason!!

    1. The stones are really interesting and the whole area is full of beautiful scenery. I am sure there was a reason as to how the stones came to be there but not sure if we will ever learn the true reason.


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