Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Rhede, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Papenburg, Germany.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Visit to Garcia Caverns

Yesterday, we headed from Saltillo to Garcia Caverns. Just a short drive of 83 kms (52 miles), but it involved a bit of bad roads going through the town of Garcia.

Ruth and I had been to Garcia Caverns our very first winter RV'ing in Mexico. At the time, we had camped out for the night in the parking lot at the base of the caverns. We figured we would be fine doing the same thing with the group, and we were.

We arrived before lunch...

Yesterday's drive, 83 kms (52 miles).

Before we headed out, we got a photo of us with Chris and Juan...

Chris, Kevin, Ruth, Juan.
Thanks again for joining us!

And a group shot.
Sue, Roy, Jeannie, Barry, Bob, Denise, Kevin, Ruth, Paul.

We took the toll road through the valley towards Monterrey. Lots of smog!

But the road was in great shape.

Can't see the mountains because of the smog.

Starting to clear a bit by the time we got to the caverns.

The entrance to the caves is way up the side of the mountain, and you have to take a cable car to get up there. Or, you could hike up the steep path. We decided to take the cable car up, and 4 of us hiked back down.

Cost was 80 pesos per adult, but seniors are only 60 pesos ($3.15 USD, $4.25 CAD). Most of us fit that category, so I went up and asked for nine seniors tickets and wasn't questioned.

We figure an attraction like this in the U.S. or Canada would be $25 to $35.

Heading up in the cable car.

Zoomed in on the motorhomes.

The cable car holds 45 people.

View from the top!

Paul, taking a photo of the view.

We headed inside the cave. They have a two km route that has 750 steps! You go as a group with a guide, but they don't care if you get behind. So we took our time and stayed at the back of the group.

The first view as you enter the cave.

Looking back at Paul in the entrance room.

The face of the lion.

The theater.

I had forgotten how worthwhile these caves are.


Another face.

Sea shells! The earth has an interesting history, doesn't it?

Roy and Sue.

Jeannie and Barry.

Denise and Bob.

Can you see Roy at the top of the steps?

Camped out at Hacienda la Basura.

Not bad, except for the amount of trash lying around!

We made a group pot luck dinner and sat outside and reminisced about the past four months. Lots of good times! 

Lol... yep!

Lots of good food!

As we were sitting outside, a group of cows came by to say hello!

And so we head for the border this morning. Should be back in Texas by 1:00pm or so.

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And in Canada...


  1. Good you are staying in Texas for a while as it is still winter in Ottawa - freezing rain and snow today!

    1. Well, Ottawa has 3 weeks in order to warm up before we get there, so our fingers are crossed.

      It is raining here in Texas! :-(

  2. Hacienda la basura! Too funny. I sure enjoyed tagging along with you guys for the last four months. I'm confident everyone got their money's worth... What a great experience.

    1. We are glad that you enjoyed tagging along virtually with us, we definitely had a blast and we think that we were able to show the group a big portion of Mexico that they may not have seen otherwise. :-)

  3. It has been a real treat following along through Mexico.
    Hoping your time in the US goes as well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you, we are glad that you enjoyed following along via our blog. :-)

  4. This was an awesome four months, enjoyed following along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It sure was an awesome four months! Glad you enjoyed following along with us. :-)

  5. Wow, we weren't even on the caravan and I'm getting sentimental :) So very glad that this was such a success and everyone enjoyed it. What a great bunch of people!

    1. And we are already missing you guys and Mexico! We think that the trip was a good one, and we really enjoyed it so much more this winter compared to winter's. Mostly because it was at a nice relaxing pace. The group sure saw some amazing things on the trip.

      The weather here in Texas, is making us wish we were back in Mexico though. It was windy and overcast yesterday and during the night it rained and it is still raining this morning. :-(

  6. I enjoyed your trip through Mexico. Thanks for letting me join you!

    1. Thank you Randy! We are glad that you enjoyed following along on our daily posts. :-)

  7. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip! I looked forward to every new posting and learned so much about the beauty of Mexico! I look hireard to your next big journey down under!! Thank you!

    1. We are so glad that you enjoyed following along on our adventure. Mexico is such a big country and unfortunately all most people see of it are the beaches!

      We are really looking forward to our trip to Australia as well. Now, that is going to be an adventure. :-)

  8. Replies
    1. It sure was! Everyone loved that last final day. :-)


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