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Friday, March 29, 2019

We don't splurge very often

Yesterday morning, we took the group to central Saltillo. It's not the most exciting city, but the central area is still worth a visit in our opinion.

Some of us walked both ways, about 3 kms (1.8 miles) each way, and others took Uber.

Interesting things you see along the way...

Food and water stand for stray dogs.

Downtown Saltillo.

Cathedral and fountain.

The municipal building.

I didn't get a photo of the outside, but there was an interesting building that said it was the Casino from 1876 to 1924, or something like that. It seems it's now some kind of exclusive restaurant. We just wanted to see the inside of the building, but the front gates were locked. We went around to a side entrance, and found our way in. They had a sign saying no shorts, running shoes, or baseball hats, and most of us had at least one of those things. But we said we were tourists from Canada, and we only wanted to see the building. They found a guy who spoke a little bit of English, and he took us for a tour.

One of the dining rooms.

The Ladies Bar. Strangely, in English.


Upstairs is this huge ballroom.

The lobby.

I found this sign outside. 

A big mural inside the municipal building.

A museum display inside the municipal building.

View of the central plaza.

We went for lunch at a basic home cooking style place, and it was quite good and inexpensive. Good thing it was inexpensive, because we would make up for that in the evening!

Back at the RV Park, I had a quick nap and then it was time for happy hour. Friends Chris and Juan drove over from Monterrey to join us and they got a room at the hotel here.

When we priced out this trip for the group, we included a nice welcome dinner and a nice farewell dinner. And we treated the group to a few lunches and dinners out along the way depending on how our expenses were working out as the trip progressed.

We found a really nice steak house just down the road from where we are parked. It's called the El Feligrez. I did some research into reviews, and almost everyone gave it five stars. Then I checked tripadvisor and it was the #1 rated restaurant in Saltillo out of over two hundred listings.

But of course, all of that comes with a price tag! We decided the group deserved the treat though, and so did we. We don't splurge very often, so this looked like a good opportunity.

How would you like your steak, sir?

The group, ready for dinner. 

Ruth, with her Mar y Tierra. (Surf and Turf).
Don't worry Chris... your's is coming soon!

Ruth said it was perfect.

My steak and mushrooms. 

Juan, ready for dinner!

What a great meal it was. My only complaint was that my steak was slightly undercooked, but I would rather have it that way than overcooked. The service was impeccable.

So, not often that we splurge, but in this case it was totally enjoyable.

Today, we are off to do some Mexico boondocking at the Garcia Caverns. 

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And in Canada...


  1. What a nice wrap up meal after some fun times on the tour.

    1. It was a delicious, definitely a great way to end trip on. :-)

  2. Awesome meal, awesome company, and awesome hosts for the past 4 months...life is going to be sooooooooooooooo boring after this trip....

    1. So glad that you had a fantastic trip, we did as well.

      We now have some more life long friends! :-)

  3. It looks amazing! I love getting grilled meat in Mexico - they do it so well

    1. The meat was so tender and delicious! What a great way to end our four month tour of Mexico! :-)

  4. I was a bit concerned! At least it looked that way! We had a blast and thanks again for the invitation. Good to see you guys before and after the caravan and hope we meet up soon.

    1. Thank you so much for coming. We so enjoyed your company and the help that you gave us at the beginning of the trip, setting us up for our first two nights at your campestre. It was great seeing you then and once again at the end of our trip!

      Hope to see both you and Juan in the next couple of weeks in Texas. :-)


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