View from our sixth floor apartment patio in Pogradec, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Pogradec, Albania .

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Gjyrokaster, Albania on October 6th.

Monday, March 18, 2019

And now we are seven...

Our group of eight RVs in this Mexico RV Caravan is now down to seven. Sadly, we said goodbye to Garth ( ) as his sister came up to join him to the trip down to Puerto Vallarta to visit family.

Also, he lives in California, so it makes sense for him to head up the west coast to California instead of up to Laredo and then through Texas.

Garth and his sister Gay left this morning...

Garth, and his sister Gay.

Bye Garth!

Garth is just an all around nice guy, and it was a pleasure having him on the trip!

Yesterday morning, we had some other blogging visitors show up. Dayna and Devon from were in Tequila and we invited them to join us here. So they came to say hi!

And they got here just in time for our Sunday brunch.

Pot luck Sunday Brunch.

The food is almost ready! 

Help yourselves, folks!

My plate. Delicious!

Enjoying brunch.

Dayna and Devon.

After brunch, we had a special ceremony!

Our group of fourteen had eleven Canadians and three Americans. We've been joking the whole trip that we needed to make Garth, Roy, and Sue into honorary Canadians. So yesterday, we gave them the test and they passed! We asked them a bunch of questions about Canada... you know, what is the capital... who is the Prime Minister... that sort of thing. If they got one right, we let them in! It wasn't a hard test... we don't make it too difficult to become an honorary Canadian!

Garth, Roy, and Sue.
Honorary Canadians!

Lots of fun, and another great day in Mexico!

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And in Canada...


  1. Another Fun Day by all especially the Honorary Canadians.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. How fun! I added Garth and Dayna & Devon's blogs to my favorites to follow and read.

    1. We are always having fun days! Hope you enjoy both Garth's and Dayna and Devon's blogs.

  3. And a good time was had by all! Congrats to the new Honorary Canadians, cute idea!!

    1. Everyone definitely had a great time! :-)

  4. Awesome and a fantastic idea to bestow “ Honorary Canadian “ to Garth, Roy and Susan albeit “unofficial “....I hope they were pleased.

    1. It was actually Barry's idea and it was a good one. We had lots of fun with the answers to a few of the questions.

      They were very pleased. :-)


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