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Saturday, March 9, 2019

I can see!

Yesterday, we took six other members of our RV Caravan group into the big city of Guadalajara. We are staying at Villa Corona for 7 nights, so Ruth and I wanted to get into Guadalajara the first full day in this area so that I could try to order some new eyeglasses and have them ready by the time we leave.

The last pair I had were from Zenni Optical online in June 2017. They were pretty flimsy and the lenses were getting scuffed up. I really needed a new pair of glasses, and I think my prescription had changed as well.

At 9:00am we walked up to the main road here in Villa Corona and waited for the bus that was supposed to come by every 20 minutes or so. And sure enough, we only waited about ten minutes and there it was. Cost was 60 pesos ($3.10 USD, $4.15 CAD) for the 55 km (33 mile) ride to the central area of Guadalajara.

Our bus route yesterday.

The bus stops at a couple of towns along the way, and the ride should take about an hour and a half. Comfortable bus though... it was a long distance bus, not a regular city style bus...

Inside the bus.

There were some big city traffic problems, and it was almost 11:30am by the time we arrived. We walked to the central area, and looked for an optometrist.

Walking to downtown.

The cathedral.

At Opticas Franklin.

The plan was that I would get my eyes tested, order some glasses, and return next week to pick them up. But Guadalajara is not our favorite Mexican city and with the two hour bus ride each way I really wasn't looking forward to coming back.

The optometrist, Dr. Castillo took me in right away to do the eye test, for which there is no charge. (I would have had to pay minimum $70 CAD for this in Canada!). He said that my distance vision had gotten worse by another 0.5 compared to the prescription in my current glasses.

Then, I shopped for glasses. I wanted progressive lenses so I could wear them for anything... reading, computer, and driving. The two opticians, Arturo and Maria Jose, helped me try on some frames and the second pair they gave me fit great! Plus, they came with magnetized thin covers that attach on the front to make them into sunglasses! Plus another cover for anti glare night driving.

Total cost for the frames and lenses was going to be 3,255 pesos ($170 USD, $230 CAD).

I asked if they were positive they could have them ready for next Wednesday, and he hesitated, then said "I think we can have them ready by 4:00pm today!"

Yes! That's a deal!

Arturo, Maria Jose, and Dr. Alfredo Castillo.

Friendly people, and good service.

We found a place for lunch, then went for a walk.

It's hot right now in Guadalajara... 32C (90F), but cooling down to a comfortable 12C (55F) at night.

Scenery along the way. 

Ruth wanted to see the Hospicio Cabañas UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is one of the oldest purposely built hospitals in the Americas, built between 1791 and 1829. I thought it was a museum of some kind, and wasn't really that interested in going in, but eventually paid the 50 peso ($2.60 USD, $3.50 CAD) Senior's entrance fee.

The architecture is great, but it turns out that it wasn't a museum at all. Every room had been turned into an art gallery. I have no interest at all in this stuff, and when the "art" is weird, we don't get it at all.

Hospicio Cabañas.

The courtyard at Hospicio Cabañas, Guadalajara.

Okay then.



Yes, I want this hanging on my living room wall.
Really? Art??

This was actually kind of neat.
Made out of sheets of corrugated cardboard.

The ceilings in the chapel were done by Orozco.
Apparently he was fond of the theme of human suffering. Pretty dark stuff. 
Again, I don't get it.

Other than the architecture of the building, it was a waste of 50 pesos to me. I know, I have no appreciation for this kind of stuff. Glad I didn't pay the 70 pesos full price!

By then, it was getting on to 3:30pm, and we still had to pick up my glasses and get back to the bus station. We put the others into a taxi to go back to the bus station, and Ruth and I walked back to the optometrist.

Got there at 3:50pm, and sure enough my glasses were ready! I put them on, and everything was clear as a bell! 

I can see!

And I could really tell the difference in quality. The progressive lenses in the last pair never felt quite right, but I guess I just got used to them. But with this pair, I noticed the difference right away. The progression in the lens was seamless.

So happy. 

The frames are a little different for me... quite a lot larger than my last pair. Ruth calls them my Clark Kent glasses. But that's okay... I really wasn't going for looks or style... I wanted comfort and quality.

Me, with my new glasses.

We made our way to the bus station and managed to get on the 4:30pm bus. Of course by then it was Friday afternoon rush hour traffic. We eventually got out of the city, and then traffic came to a stop. We crawled along for about a half an hour, got past a bad accident scene, and then through a couple of towns. It took us two and a half hours to get back to the RV park!

Today is a day of rest... going for a walk with a few others at 9:30am though. 

Enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. Gotta love being able to see again. I have gotten a couple of pairs of glasses in Mexico and they were very reasonable, and quick service.

    1. Kevin is really pleased with his new glasses and couldn't believe that they were ready same day. :-)

  2. That "Art" is definitely an "Angry" picture. I can see the artist violently scribbling and slapping colours on the easel. Can't you see it?? LOL. Me either, I'm not an art guy. Your glasses look great and you will be able to see the WHOLE world from them. lol. Enjoy your down time.

    1. We honestly looked at some of the artwork and said that our 5 1/2 and 8 year old grandchildren could do a better job! There is definitely talent out there for some of the work but others we just couldn't understand what made it so special to be put up on display.

      Kevin is really loving his new glasses.

  3. We're not into art either but do appreciate things that make sense.
    Looks like you'll be Enjoying new sights much better now.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. Some art is definitely an acquired taste I guess!

      Kevin is so happy to have these new glasses. :-)

  4. Well, I think that "Clark Kent" glasses is certainly better than the moniker my wife gave my first pair of "cheaters" as they were the half lens type. She called them my
    "Brian Mulroney" glasses. *grumble*
    They eventually fell apart and I threw them away.
    I don't do "modern" art, and the only time we did was in Washington D.C. and we had a docent along with us to explain what the hell we were looking at. The artist (it was one exhibit of all of her works) was a Holocaust survivor, and after knowing that, and seeing what she did (AND having it explained) it made sense. But really? That's too much "work" for me.
    Nice glasses, by the way.

    1. That wasn't very nice of your wife! ;-)

      I think the Orozco murals on the ceiling of the main building would be much like what you mention about what the Holocaust survivor works meant to her. It was some of the other works that we couldn't wrap our heads around! It was weird, just weird!

  5. My new glasses has never felt right and I now walk around with no glasses. Mine is for distance and I only really wear them for driving. When I’m in Europe I going to get my eyes tested and see if my eyesight has changed.

    1. It's no fun having glasses that don't feel right. I hope you can get a good deal on some in Europe.

  6. Nice glasses by the way. Art not our thing either.

    1. Thank you Nora, he is really liking them. :-)

      Yep, art is an acquired taste for sure, at least for some of this modern art anyways!

  7. At least you got a respite from the heat in the art gallery.
    Nice glasses.

    1. Yes, this is true but we found if you walked in the shade then the temperature was fine.

      Glad you approve of Kevin's glasses.

  8. Kevin~~ I really like the glasses. I have enjoyed this trip and will be following the Australia journey as well. Kelly

    1. Kevin says thank you for approving his glasses, he is definitely very happy with them. :-)

      We can't wait to start telling people all about our adventures over in Australia, it is going to be and exciting time.

  9. Clark Kent is a good description, Buddy Holly was my first thought. Rave On!

  10. The glasses suit you! You look quite dignified now Kevin.... could easily pass as a “professor” or academic. You can see Ruth even better now! Lol!

    1. Thank you Lynnette.

      He could maybe pass as a professor, but it would be by looks only! ;-)

  11. Good deal on the glasses. What would they have cost in Canada? I think they look great and best part is, you can see!

    1. Not sure how much they would have cost in Canada but the exam itself would have been at least $70CAD or more and then it would depend on the price of the frames. We would say that it would probably have been $300 to $400CAD at least but that is just a guess.

  12. Our closest Mexican glasses supply is Algodones. There we get 2 hour service, your price sound about the same as what i paid. My husband will be in the dentist chair, I'll visit the optometrist, and when his appointment is over, the glasses are finished. Bought 5 pairs; some just lenses to go into good frames, some polarized progressives including frames, some hard plastic progressives in new frames, some single vision readers for $1000 US.

    1. I think personally we probably did better than if we were at the border because at the border they charge in US dollars which for us Canadians means that we have to add another 25 to 30% on to that price. Here in Guadalajara we are charged in Mexican pesos and the exchange rate is much better for us.

  13. Very sophisticated your glasses. Bernd feels like you do now after his second cataract OP. Very comfy! Right?

    1. Thank you Angi! :-)

      Sounds like Bernd's operation went well, we are glad to hear that. Say hi to him for us.

  14. Me da gusto que sus lentes progresivas le hayan quedado cómodas.
    Espero visiten algún día san Luis Potosí mi ciudad natal es muy bella mas la zona huasteca.
    Saludos para ruth y kevin de parte de mis compañeros de la óptica
    Que su estancia en Jalisco sea excelente .

    Atte: Maria José

    1. Gracias Maria José, Kevin está muy contento con sus gafas. Dijo que están cómodos y mucho mejor que su último par. Es posible que volvamos el año que viene para que pueda obtener un nuevo par también. Estamos muy contentos con su servicio. :-)

      Visitamos San Luis Potosí cerca del comienzo de nuestro viaje por un par de días y a todos nos gustó mucho la ciudad, pero solo estábamos en el centro de la ciudad. El próximo año nos gustaría ir a visitar los alrededores de Ciudad Valles y las cascadas.


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