View from our sixth floor apartment patio in Pogradec, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Pogradec, Albania .

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Gjyrokaster, Albania on October 6th.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Back to the scene of the crime...

The day started off saying goodbye to Wendy. She's headed to the border a couple of days early because her fridge went out and we think it needs a new board. Also, she's flying back to Canada and wanted to give herself a few extra days in Texas.

Bye Wendy!

Bye Wendy!

Heading to the border.

Now we are down to 5 rigs, 9 people, and 2 dogs.

Yesterday morning, we took the group to downtown Zacatecas. Uber works great in this city, so we ordered three cars and they all arrived within minutes of each other. Cost from the hotel to the center was 70 pesos ($3.70 USD, $5.00 CAD) for the 9 km (5.5 mile) drive. But, Uber had sent me a 30% code and so it was that much less. I love Uber.

We arrived at downtown had a stroll around, then headed to the teleferico...

The back of the cathedral in Zacatecas.

Out wandering around.

The cathedral.

Another church.

Downtown is quiet on a Sunday morning.

Heading uphill.

We climbed several sets of stairs outside to get to the entrance platform of the teleferico (cable car gondola). The last time we were here in January 2018, it was closed because the were updating the system.

But now, it's a brand new system. Cost was 100 pesos ($5.25 USD, $7.10 CAD) for adults one way, and half price for those over 60 with ID. 160 pesos for a return ticket.

That's where we are headed!

Bah... the look on Jeannie's face.

Great views of the city.


Sue and Roy enjoying the views.

Here comes the rest of the group.

Paul, exiting the nice new cable car.

Nice view of Zacatecas.

Zoomed in on the old aqueduct and bull ring complex.

We decided to walk back down to the center of town.

The last time we walked down this route back in November 2012, we were mugged.

Not nice re-living the moment, and we were glad we were with a group of people. Even though it would have been highly unlikely to have a repeat performance.

November 7, 2012... the bad guys!

Yesterday, back at the scene of the crime!

We met our friend Alejandra at a restaurant downtown for lunch. We first met her here in March of 2009! Pretty much to the day, so it was a good 10 year anniversary!

Alejandra, Bob, Denise, Jeannie, Barry, Paul, Roy, Sue, and Ruth.

After lunch, we walked up to the aqueduct and old bullring.


Aqueduct, built in the late 1700's to supply water to the silver mine.

The bull ring was incorporated into the pricey Quinta Real Hotel.

Fancy lodgings.

The old bull ring and the hotel.

Courtyard at the hotel.

Alejandra came back to have happier hour with us, and she stayed for dinner too. Nice that she will also be joining us for today's excursion!

Record low price on the Tireminder RV Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Both the 6 and the 4 are on sale.

And in Canada...


  1. I remember when you got mugged! Wow, that means I've read your blog for over 7 years. So glad you didn't get a repeat. Lovely views from the gondola.

    1. Yep, you have been reading us for a very long time, I think perhaps you started reading us even before the mugging. We are glad there wasn't a repeat performance either.

      The views over Zacatecas are beautiful!

  2. Yep I too remember the mugging....Ruth swung at one with her backpack while Kevin ran LOL Too funny.

  3. Another beautiful city. Your tour this year has been awesome!

    1. Yes, Zacatecas is a beautiful city and the historical centro is also a UNESCO site.

      We are very happy with the way our tour has turned out this winter. Lots of interesting places to visit at a nice relaxed pace. :-)

  4. I remember the mugging too. Kevin had grabbed the necks of both assailants with one hand, but as he was leading them off, he slipped on a banana peel, and they made their escape.

  5. I remember Ruth yelled POLICE in Spanish and they ran off!

    1. Yep, I sure did but only after doing it in English first, lol.

  6. Beautiful city. We've stayed at that hotel. Very nice.

    1. That would have been a beautiful and luxurious stay! :-)

  7. I guess lots of us remember that mugging--tells me that you're a popular adventurer/storyteller with many followers. I started with the Africa trip, but have no idea when it was.

    1. It certainly does seem like a lot of people remember that post judging by the amount of comments we have had.

      Our Africa trip started in November 2013 so if you remember reading the post of our mugging than you started reading us before that trip because the mugging happened in November 2012. Time sure flies by! :-)

  8. How do you like those Mexican straight pipes and Jake brakes at the hotel

    1. We, just love it, NOT! Unfortunately it is the only game in town for parking with a group this size.

  9. At least they painted the ugly green wall and got rid of some of the graffiti
    If you go back the next time will you get them to trim the grass

    1. Yes, they have and there are now more houses built along that stretch so we think that it is less likely that a mugging would happen in that area again.

  10. Glad the experience was different this time! Once is enough of that mugging stuff. The scenes from the cable car remind me of the Sandia Tramway in Albuquerque. Beautiful pictures of the aqueduct in the city. Such technology and advancements long ago are fascinating!

    1. We are glad that it was a better experience this time as well.

      We have been to Albuquerque before but we never took the tramway there, now it makes me want to do that next time we are in Albuquerque. Yes, the views were beautiful and so is the city. We enjoy visiting Zacatecas.


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