A nice start to the day at Lower Mazinaw Lake, Ontario, Canada.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Monday, March 4, 2019

We bought an RV for Australia!

Yes, the same rig we were talking to you about yesterday. We spent some time on the phone with the Swiss owners Raffael and Jasmin and they showed us some live video of the rig. The internet is wonderful sometimes, isn't it?

We came to an agreement, and now it is just the logistics to figure out!

Here are some more photos. They are not very good resolution because I just took them from the advertisement that attracted our attention to begin with.

It has a four burner stove with full size oven!

The camper is named Joyce!
The truck is named Bundy!

Kitchen table and couch.

At a campsite.

It comes with everything we need. Outdoor table, chairs, grill... even a 160 watt portable solar panel.

Australia camping.

One of the things that several people have mentioned is the height of the rig. It's actually 10'8" which is not too bad. (Sherman is 11'3"). Raffael says he never noticed any problems with stability. The only thing he found a problem was fuel mileage when there was a head wind. And sure, a side wind is never fun to drive any RV in. But, we will be in no rush to get anywhere, so if it's that windy I really don't want to drive anyhow.

Looking at other rig possibilities, the most common option in Australia is your typical backpacker style campervan. These are fine, but they have very cramped quarters and usually you need to make up the bed every day. They normally have a two burner stove and no oven. And no toilet facilities. And they usually have very high miles. Some have a pop up roof, but many you can't stand up in.

Yes, they have motorhomes and travel trailers as well. But I have no interest in a trailer of any kind, and motorhomes in Australia are VERY expensive.

So this rig ticked almost all the boxes for us. The truck is a 2008 model with 125,000 kms (77,000 miles and a 3.0 liter turbo diesel, but the camper part of it is relatively new. Raffael and Jasmin bought it in October from the son-in-law of the guy who built it. The guy who built it, intended on using it himself, but he died shortly after it was finished and never used it. So it's essentially new, and from the photos and video we saw it's very well done.

One benefit of it being tall is that it has lots of room!

Jasmin, showing us how tall it is!

So, now the only thing left is to get them their money and get it transferred to our name. The logistics are not easy, but we will get it done somehow. In fact, Jasmin and Raffael transferred the registration to South Australia yesterday to make it easier for us to put it in our name when we arrive.

Raffael holding our new South Australia licence plate!

They fly out of Adelaide in the middle of this month, so the rig will be put in storage until we arrive in mid May. We fly into Melbourne, so will have to make our way by bus (or something!) to Adelaide to pick up Bundy and Joyce.

Isn't this exciting!?

In the meantime, we continue on with the Mexico RV Caravan group.

Yesterday, we made our way the short distance from Valle de Juarez to Roca Azul.

Yesterday's drive, 81 kms (51 miles).

Heading around Mazamitla. 

Sunday morning traffic.

Scenery along the way.

Heading down towards Lake Chapala.

We went from 6,500 ft altitude to 5,000 ft.

Another perfect day.

One of the ladies said yesterday "Why would anybody stay in their RV in the U.S. for the winter when you can come here and have guaranteed perfect weather?"


We figured that out 11 years ago!

More berry growing greenhouses.

It was an easy drive... other than the town of San Luis Soyatlan.

We've been through this town several times in the past and so we knew that it can get a little tight. Especially if you happen to meet a bus or heavy truck coming the opposite way.

Pretty quiet

Still quiet.
One of the reasons we chose Sunday morning to do this drive!

Hmm. A little tight here.

And then around the next corner we saw a tanker truck coming our way, with a line of traffic behind him. We were very lucky because there were some cars parked at the side of the road and only enough room for one of us to get through. But he saw me coming as well, and smartly stopped behind one of the parked cars on his side of the road. Ruth forgot to get photos!

Anyhow, with some patience we all made it though, but only because we got lucky with the timing.

Arriving at Roca Azul, we had 2.5 kms (a mile) of bumpy cobblestone road.

Lake Chapala. The water level is the highest we've ever seen.

The only problem with planning a Sunday arrival here is that the place is very busy on weekends with locals from Guadalajara. But, we got ourselves all set up and enjoyed the afternoon.

I'll post some photos of where we are staying tomorrow.

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And in Canada...


  1. That is a very nice camper, looks very well built and lotsa room, I am sure you will love it.

    1. It does look like a nice camper but we're not sure that we would say it has lotsa room, definitely more room than some of the campervans that we have looked at though.

  2. Glad you found your wheels for Australia - and hopefully you can resell it for close to what you paid when you are done!

    1. We are happy to have found the truck camper as well and yes, our hopes are that we can resell it for close to what we paid for it. :-)

  3. Very cool camper for your Australian adventure. So excited for you...and a bit jealous!! When do you go down under (I may have missed that in an earlier post...we been busy moving around a lot lately). Cheers mates!

    1. Oops, missed your mid-May comment. Very exciting!!

    2. We are really excited too! Hopefully everything goes will with the finance side of things, it is never easy to try to do long distance transfers but we will find a way to make it work.

      Yes, we arrive there mid May and we will be spending a total of three months there. We can't wait to start a new adventure. :-)

  4. Isn’t it going to be cold in May . Or am I mislead that it is the start of winter?!

    1. Not real cold like in Canada or the northern states. It will be their fall/winter and the temperatures will be cool to cold but not freezing. Actually they should be perfect for hiking. And, of course as we travel we will be heading north so things should warm up a bit. We are ok with that, it will be low season so there won't be tons of tourists and we won't be baking hot either. :-)

  5. Congratulations - looks like Bundy and Joyce will help you explore Australia in an absolutely
    incredible way! Looking forward to following you on that journey.

    1. Thank you! And we agree, Bundy and Joyce should be perfect for our three month adventure in Australia. We are glad to hear that you will continue to follow along as we explore this beautiful country. :-)

  6. What an awesome way to go. The young couple must be pleased that people like you will be taking over their unit.

    1. We think so too!

      Yes, they even mentioned on the phone that they are happy to see Bundy and Joyce going to someone who will enjoy them and the adventures we will have, as much as they did. We want to do them proud! :-)

  7. The nice thing about having your own RV is that you don't have to have it back somewhere specific like you would a rental. Nice looking Rig.
    Traveling on narrow streets with oncoming traffic is always a challenge.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. This is true although unless our plans change we will most likely bring it back to Melbourne area as this is where our flight leaves from. Of course this could always change once we get moving and it will also depend on the weather and if we decide to sell it or not when we are finished with our three months, we may just decide to keep them a little longer. :-)

  8. We cruised the Australian Coast in our sailboat from Sidney all around to Darwin. Wonderful place, wonderful people. We drove as far as Surfers' Paradise as well. Your rig looks perfect for the trip. Have a great time!

    1. We are so looking forward to this adventure and meeting the locals and seeing all the amazing sights. It is going to be a fun filled three months and we think Bundy and Joyce and going to the perfect fit for us. :-)

  9. Looks like you are going to have some downunder fun!!!

    1. We are sure that we will, and lots of adventures to write about. :-)

  10. No doudt the land of Oz will offer plenty of adventure...

    1. No doubt it will. We are going to have lots of fun exploring while we are there. :-)


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