Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Haselünne, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Dulmen, Germany.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

A lot can change in only three years!

Yesterday was another relax day. Ruth went into town with a couple of the others to pick up some stuff at the market. This area produces a lot of berries... raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries and they are so delicious and inexpensive.

And while she was doing that, Sherman and I spent some quality time together.

Quality, as in... fixing some minor things and giving him a sponge bath. I fixed the wiring on the dash power outlet that had been becoming intermittent. And I repaired the covering that protects the floor in one of the wheelhouses where it had come loose. And the left fender where it had become loose at the bottom. Just minor stuff.

I tried to get a photo that compares the water level to the way it was three years ago.

Three years ago. 


Man, a lot can change in only three years.

Regarding our Australian RV purchase, the deal continues to move along. The money had been sent from our bank in Canada to TransferWise, and Transferwise has received it. Now, the money will be sent to the sellers Transferwise account where he can then send it to his home bank in Switzerland.

The seller will then store the RV for us at a secure lot in Adelaide, Australia and everything will be ready for us when we arrive in mid May. I will get into more details about the process and costs of  transferring the vehicle and the money another day.

Church in Jocotepec.

We enjoyed out four night stay here at Roca Azul, but we are moving on today to the Chimulco Water Park at Villa Corona for a one week stay. Ruth and I have been there several times before and it's a nice spot to relax for a week and it's close enough to Guadalajara that we can go in for a day trip. 

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And in Canada...


  1. Maintenance is always a must.
    Glad things are moving along on the RV purchase.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, it sure is but sometimes we just seem to have a difficult time trying to find the time to do the maintenance. Kevin certainly enjoyed his morning doing these little jobs on Sherman.

  2. The first adventure (sending the money) is on the way. We hope it works out.
    ADELAIDE is a beautiful city. There stands the same Queen as in Victoria, BC. 1980 we were very close to moving to this place. Fortunately, it did not work out. In the summer it gets really hot (43oC). With all my hot flashes I would have melted.
    On the other hand we were there in the Australien coldest winter we were told, and the water tank from our camping van froze and broke. That means: Watch the night temperatures.
    When you see the Eucalyptus trees blooming, please send me a picture. they are so beautiful!
    And, when the sun goes down, the Kangaroos come out. We wanted to see them once but then headed to the nearest overnight place. All the memories came back ....

    1. We got it all worked out, finally. :-)

      We like hot temperatures but not that hot! I think I am happy that we are arriving there and spending time in Australia during their fall/winter. We will just have to stay out of the higher altitudes when we see the temperature dropping. We are so looking forward to this new adventure. :-)

  3. International funds transfer? Swiss bank accounts? Are you sure this deal is what it appears? Just sayin'

    Recent post sure make me miss all of the places in the vicinity of Valle de Juarez. At least we can live it vicariously through you guy!

    1. Lol, imagine how Kevin sounded on the phone talking to a bank manager trying to explain all this! :-P Yes, we are confident that this deal is the real deal.

      We know what you mean, we love Valle de Juárez and when friends are there and we aren't, we miss it too!


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