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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Lake Chapala water level is high!

Yesterday, we walked in with some of the group to the nearby town of Jocotepec. We had been to a roadside restaurant back in 2016 that sells only birria. Birria is like a type of soup/stew usually made with goat or sheep, but we have seen in made with beef as well.

It was about a 45 minute walk from the RV Park to the restaurant.

We each ordered a bowl of Birria. There is no menu... all they sell is birria!

The group having lunch.

We had been to this place back in February of 2016. I don't remember what we paid at the time, but it must not have been unrealistic. However this time, when it came time to pay it was 95 pesos ($4.95 USD, $6.60 CAD) per bowl, which is pretty pricey for birria. For example, when we had it in Patzcuaro, it was 50 pesos. 

Anyhow, we won't go back... but at least it was a good bowl of food!

As we were sitting eating, one of us noticed a big bee hive on the building next door. It was pretty high up though, so we weren't worried.

Busy as a bee!

Finished lunch, and walked over to the waterfront park in Jocotepec. The water level on Lake Chapala hasn't been this high since 1979! I have a nice photo from three years ago that I'll post tomorrow along with a current photo of the same shot. 

Lots of bird life.

These two were either fighting, or making up... not sure!

Ruth, with the very odd fish guy statue!

With some of the group in Jocotepec.

The water is high!

Roy loves his ice cream!

The water level was low for decades.
Long enough for trees to grow!

We walked from the park and into town a little to the Bodega Aurrera to pick up a few groceries. When we finished, there were eight of us standing there looking for a couple of taxis but there were none to be found. 

We walked out to the road, looking to flag one down. There was a fellow sitting selling fresh garbanzo beans. He said he would get some taxis for us and walked into a chicken place next door to ask them to call for a couple of cabs. Then a friend of his came by, and the friend said he would take us all in the back of his beat up old pickup truck.


So we all climbed in...

Traveling Mexico style!

It was a fairly short drive, and at slow speeds... no problem. I sat in the front because the passenger door wouldn't open and I had to crawl over the drivers seat and console. Friendly guy, originally from Costa Rica. When we arrived, I asked how much, but he said no charge. I forced a 100 peso note into his hand. It would have cost us more than that for two taxis.

Another great day in Mexico.


And in Canada...


  1. If there are any pooches in the gang that need a bath/clip, there is a fantastic groomer near the market. I could probably find the name if anyone is interested. There is also a great laundry service in town. Quick turn around, great work and packaging of the clean stuff and superb price.

    1. We have two dogs in the group but none that need to see a groomer, thanks for thinking of them though.

  2. Maybe the price was higher as there are so many expat retirees there at Lake Chapala? At least it was tasty

    1. Yes, but I don't think it is a restaurant that many of the expats would frequent, however because there are so many expats in the area, it makes the costs of everything rise and that needs to be compensated even for the locals.

  3. Bird photo under the fish guy appears to be a night heron.

    1. Yes it is, thanks! It is actually a black-crowned night heron to be exact. :-)

  4. The photo of Roy eating ice cream was one of your best yet. The cone looked abnormally long. Thanks for the update. So cool that you got to ride in the back of a truck. That was one of my favorite things from growing up in the 70's-80's.

    1. Roy definitely loves his ice cream! And yes, that cone is abnormally long, sort of like a waffle cone, just a little smaller.

      We were all commenting on how you can't ride in the back of a pick-up truck anymore, such a shame because it was fun, we were just glad we weren't going too far!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Chris, Bob did a great job with it and we all had fun posing. :-)

  6. You should do a caravan tour in Canada!! We know where there is a fantastic Ice Cream place. I love the ride home you found. Safe Travels.

    1. Lol, yep I think we know exactly what ice cream place you are talking about! ;-)


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