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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Just another adventure in Mexico...

Yesterday, we took the group ATV'ing! We had checked out one rental place a couple of days ago, and they had some pretty beat up looking ATV's for 300 pesos an hour. And some nicer ones for 500 pesos an hour.

We called some taxis to come and get us and bring us into Mazamitla. One of the cab drivers said he knew of a place that has better machines, so he took us there.

But he didn't know the pricing. It turned out that yes, the machines were newer and nicer, but this guy wanted 700 pesos an hour! We did some hard core negotiating and managed to agree on 600 pesos ($31.50 USD, $41.50 CAD) per unit for an hour and a half guided tour up into the mountains behind Mazamitla.

And we're glad we did it with this company. They were a good group of guys and when one of the ladies decided that she couldn't handle the ATV, they brought her back, looked after her, and refunded her money. They operate through www.cabanaslupita.com.

Barry is ready to go!

So is Garth! 

Hitting the road.


Some dusty trails.

And some rough roads.

Lots of fun.

Me, stopped for a break.

View at the top.

Another perfect day.

Thistle bloom.

Arrived at the fish pond up at 9,000 ft altitude.

No breeze.

Getting ready to hit the road again.

Just a little dusty.

Having a great time!

This house looks like something out of the Flintstones.

Great time was had by all. We took some taxis again from Mazamitla to Valle de Juarez where we had an early dinner at Chema's El Retiro restaurant. He makes the best garlic shrimp in town!

Delicious garlic shrimp dinner for 110 pesos ($5.75 USD, $7.65 CAD).

One of the guys forgot his bag in the taxi from Mazamitla. We called the taxi company and they found the driver and the bag and he delivered it the 11 kms (7 miles) from Mazamitla to the restaurant in Valle de Juarez for 100 pesos. We love Mexico.

Today is market day! And carnitas for lunch day!

Cheapest price I've ever seen on a 3 Pack of LED Road Flares. Batteries included...

And in Canada...

Not often there is a deal this good on Amazon Canada. The popular and highly rated (see the amazon.com site) Zinus Memory Foam RV Mattress is at a record low price.


  1. Nice, never been on a caravan that offered that excursion:)

    1. You have to remember this isn't a normal caravan! :-)

      Actually all the activities on this caravan are "a la carte" so people only pay for what they want to do and we try to always find the best price for those things.

  2. What a riot! Great fun and excellent service. The food looks yummy.

    1. It was another great day in Mexico! :-)

  3. Another fun day you had lithesome more exploring.

    1. Yep, we seem to having lots of days like that! :-)

  4. Totally a cool activity! I have to sign up for a tour like that. :c)

    1. When you travel with Kevin and Ruth, we show you a fun time! :-)


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