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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Getting close to the border

Yesterday was the longest drive of our four month trip. We did 375 kms (232 miles) yesterday. Normally, that would be a super long day of driving in Mexico, but the route between Zacatecas and Saltillo has long straight stretches of 4 lane highway, so you are able to do most of it at highway speeds.

We set out at 8:00am with slightly overcast skies...

Here's our route...

Yesterday's drive, 375 kms (232 miles).

Not much to see on this route.

But there is the occasional thing.

Always makes you wonder how this happens on a perfectly straight stretch of road.

Fell asleep maybe...?

Dull scenery.

Oh... a curve, just to liven things up!

And a few mountains. 

Made it to Saltillo.

Yikes... and Saltillo traffic!

Yes, Tim Horton's has expanded into Mexico! 

What a way to make a living.

And we arrived at 2:00pm, exactly according to plan. We made one gasoline stop, one pee break stop, and one half hour lunch stop. 

We got ourselves set up at the Hotel Imperial in Saltillo. This place has been here forever. They have an RV parking area in the back... with full hookups and 15 amp electric. But not very well designed,  some of the services don't work, and really it's just a parking lot.

And, it's ridiculously overpriced. At 500 pesos ($26 USD, $35 CAD) per night, it is the most expensive place we have stayed on this trip. Probably double what it should be.

However... it's only 3 kms (1.8 miles) to the center of the city. And there are lots of shops and restaurants around, and a Walmart within walking distance. And, we're only staying two nights.

Photo taken this morning.

At happy hour yesterday.
Scarlett thinks she's a lap dog!

Maggie is a better sized lap dog!

Yesterday evening at happy hour!

Today, we are heading downtown to explore, then this evening is our farewell group dinner. Looking forward to seeing our friends Chris and Juan who will be joining us!

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And in Canada...

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  1. Wow things have changed since we were in Saltillo in Nov 2017! A Tim Hortons!! Ya!

    1. You can definitely tell that we are close to the border when you are in Saltillo when you see all the restaurants and stores that you see in the US!

  2. Our bus driver fell asleep with 15 people on the bus coming back from Chichen Itza to Cancun. He drove onto right shoulder and I looked over thinking 'Why is he pulling over?' when I notice he was asleep so I reached over and gave him a rough tug. By this time the bus was bouncing along the shoulder and everyone on the bus woke up including the driver. I talked to him the rest of the way to kept him alert. Yikes!!!

    1. Wow, that should not happen, I hope he lost his job over that!

  3. Yup, that driver most likely fell asleep. Been there, done that. Still have the vivid memory of waking up on the shoulder of the 400 north bound, coming up on an overpass. Would have smucked into it at highway speed. Scared the cr*p outta me. Pulled over and took a short nap.

    1. Yep, that would be a scary, glad you were jolted awake before anything bad happened.

  4. I am shocked but not surprised Tim Hortons went to Mexico

    1. Neither are we! So far it only seems to be in a few of the northern states of Mexico.

  5. Don't know why I was surprised to see a Tim Horton's restaurant but I was. Looks like a good group at happy hour reflecting? on the day's trip and the many weeks on the road? Great stuff!

    1. Yes, it was a great happy hour. It is nice to hear about everyone's favourite places and stories of their time here in Mexico over the last four months. Lots of wonderful memories have been made this winter, for everyone. :-)

  6. Ok there is no doubt that I will be going to Mexico next winter if only for the Tim Hortons. Hate to see this adventure end, but excited for the new one. We are gonna hang at Magnolia Beach for a while. If you are going to be somewhere within Jeep driving distance we would love to meet you for coffee and maybe a short hike!!

    1. So far you will only find Tim Horton's in a few of the northern states of Mexico but give it time and we will probably start seeing them in more of the bigger cities.

      I doubt that we will be headed to Magnolia Beach but you never know with us. If we are anywhere nearby we will drop you a line.


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