Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Haselünne, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Dulmen, Germany.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Pizza Party!

Tuesday is market day in Villa Corona, so a bunch of us walked into town. We had actually planned on having lunch there, but we were a bit early for lunch so we just picked up some fruits and veggies and walked back.

Also, it was pizza day! We had made a plan to have pizza for dinner for the group, so we stopped by Mr. Bigs Pizza to place our order and have it delivered later in the day, but the place wasn't open yet.

Market day...

Busy fruit and veggie stand.

We were just sitting in the plaza wasting time, and this stray dog came along and sat down beside us.

Back at the campground, we got our pizza order all figured out and I phoned it in. Did the whole thing in Spanish, and had to learn a few new words to get it done. "Can you deliver them at 6:00pm?"

Sure enough, just before 6:00pm our pizzas showed up!

Three of the couples made our own pizza!

Garth loves pizza!

Mr. Bigs makes good pizza!

Ruth makes good pizza too!

Another great relaxing day in Mexico.

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  1. Nothing quite like a good pizza, especially homemade.

    1. It was nice to a combination of both homemade and delivered and then everyone shared their pizzas so people could have a small slice of each with different toppings, except for Kevin and I of course.

  2. I noticed you eat gluten free. Does one of you have celiac disease? Is it easier to find gf food in Mexico, USA or Canada? Wondering how much it affects travel especially when you go to other countries. Do you investigate before hand or just go with the flow?

    1. Yes, I was having a big problem for years and finally found a doctor who was more in depth with my issues. At the time we were living in Ontario and if I wanted to have the celiac test done, I would have to pay for it myself so instead the doctor suggested that I just go gluten free for a month and see if it made a difference. In less than two weeks I noticed a big difference and haven't gone back to eating gluten since. As for Kevin we aren't totally sure and he was eating gluten free pretty much anyways but a few years ago he to was having a few issues and he had done some research and decided to go completely gluten free as well and those few issues have disappeared so he continues to eat gluten free also.

      Canada and the USA are definitely much easier for finding gluten free products but I rarely ever buy anything that is processed anyways. I bring my own flour and gluten free products with me when we are traveling in the motorhome so that I can make all my own gluten free products. Mexico has some gluten free products but not many and they are expensive.

      Being gluten free definitely affects our travels in some countries and this is one reason why we always try to find accommodations that also include the use of a kitchen, that way I can make our own meals. Eating out in Mexico is quite easy as they use corn tortillas and most food is gluten free if I stay away from breaded products and baked goods. I always ask before eating to make sure nothing includes flour. Yes, we investigate beforehand, we find out what gluten and flour products are in other languages and if I am not sure, I don't eat it. I am very, very careful about not eating gluten, I never cheat! As my doctor mentioned, if you like fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish you will never starve, I just have to be careful at how these foods are prepared.

    2. Thanks for the great reply. It was pretty much what I thought you'd say as far as the cooking for yourselves, checking out the places to eat before hand, watching out as best you can and eating a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and plain unprocessed meats, etc. I've even started to make my own sausage from ground turkey, for pizza and breakfast, to get away from the additives.(Sugar,soy.etc) I then freeze portion sizes.

    3. Yep, sausage is definitely on of the items we check the ingredients of. So many are full of junk. We love the homemade chorizo here in Mexico, it is almost always made with fresh natural ingredients and not fillers.

  3. that is a really nice picture of the market - should be framed!

  4. I love the pictures of the market with the big variety of fresh fruits and veggies! Looks delicious!

    1. We love market day here in Mexico. There are always lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from. :-)


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