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Friday, February 22, 2019

Taking advantage of another gorgeous day

Nothing planned for the group yesterday, so it was just a day off to do as you choose. We chose to do a 15 km (9.3 mile) hike!

We headed off at just after 9:30am. Our destination was the overlook on a very old volcano crater on the opposite side of town. It's a great hike because you get views in all directions. And, it was another gorgeous blue sky day.

We made our way down and through town to the road that leads up to the mirador (overlook). But we then took a rough path that leads around the crater and up to the top.

With Denise and Bob on the road leading up to the mirador.

Yes, another view of the lake.

And once we were on the path, we had a nice view looking back at Patzcuaro.

And going around the crater, looking east and the toll highway to Uruapan.

Gorgeous views.

Getting higher up now.

Corn field inside the crater.

At the top, a view of Patzcuaro.

Then, we had to climb down 417 steps to get to the mirador.

Denise and Bob coming down the 417 steps.

The mirador.

Ruth, enjoying the view.

On the way down, this school band was practicing outside.

Heading through Patzcuaro to the market.

We found a food stall to have some delicious birria de res... a type of stew, this one made with beef. Normally they use goat or sheep.

Our chef, Mario!

Bob, buying some strawberries.
10 pesos ($0.55 USD, $0.72 CAD) for a big cup.

I took a video of some music being played in the market... turn up your volume...

Ruth and Bob buying some veggies.

We took a taxi back from downtown. We had done just over 15 kms (9.3 miles) and that was enough!

Another great day in Mexico!

This morning, we are moving on. Five nights in Patzcuaro isn't really enough, but we've got other places to go and people to see! Today, we're doing the relatively short drive to Camecuaro National Park.

Anybody need a new Macbook Laptop...?

And in Canada...


  1. Finding interesting things to do on down days is always fun. Glad you Enjoyed!
    Be Safe on your next adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. It seems that we never have a problem finding interesting things to do! :-)

  2. We were in Patzcuaro for 3 months last year and never had a dull moment! So many hiking trails just outside the town, and it was easy to hop on a combi and go to wonderful handicraft villages. A great town!

    1. I don't think Kevin and I would have a problem finding things to do either, for three months in the Patzcuaro area. You are right the public transportation is great and cheap there, we love it! :-)

  3. Oh! Have fun in Camecuaro and buy some Ronpompe! Yum! Connie and Chris

    1. We have had Rompope before and found it a little to sweet of our liking so unfortunately we didn't buy any but we did by some Mexican cocadas! :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Still not quite right, it's Rompope, but I knew what you meant! :-)


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