Out for a walk beside the Ottawa River in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading to Nova Scotia around August 1st.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

After lunch, I figured I had better do something productive

It's not very often that we just sit around and do nothing. The blog posts would be pretty boring if that was all we did every day!

But as I said yesterday... it's pretty easy to be lazy around here!

I purposely grabbed the camera a couple of times to get some photos for you.

The view out Sherman's windshield.

It was actually a bit cloudy yesterday, and so the temperature didn't get quite so warm. Maybe a high of 29C (84F), instead of the 31C (88F) that it had been. Hey, when it's this hot, a couple of degrees makes a difference!

Spent much of the morning on the computer getting caught up on some stuff. They have half decent wifi here, but it does come and go. Fortunately, I recharged the phone plan the other day and they still have the 10 GB of data for 500 pesos deal on. So we have lots of data on the phone for when we need it.

Bob and Denise have a nice view from their motorhome!

A few people out on the beach.

After lunch, I figured I had better do something productive.... so I had a nap in the hammock!

Then, I checked and topped up the water in Sherman's house batteries. Our four Trojan T-105 batteries will be 9 years old in March, and are still going strong!

The propane truck showed up and most of us topped up our tanks. The last time I put propane in was January 4th, and while the fridge has been running on propane most of that time, we were still about a half a tank. So we certainly didn't need to put any in, but it makes sense to do so when it's available. A little more expensive on this part of the coast, at 10.96 pesos per liter. ($0.77 a liter CAD, $2.19 USD per gallon).

Next, I lost a few games of backgammon to Ruth. I am now only one game ahead of her so far this year. I'll have to pull up my socks!

Then, it was happy hour with the group, and a nice sunset...

End of another great day in Mexico!

Good deal on the Keurig 72 Count Variety Pack.

And in Canada, a great deal on an RV Mattress! If your RV mattress sucks (and most do!) this is a popular aftermarket replacement. The short queen size 8" is on sale in Canada!

Zinus RV Short Queen Memory Foam Mattress

Check out http://bestsurvival.org/ for backpacking, tents, and tactical gear.


  1. Again, great photos, nice funny bit of writing too, lol

  2. Hard to pull up your socks if you aren't wearing any!

    1. He thought about that as we was writing it! :-)

  3. Great shot out of the front window of Sherman...that would be a great book cover. I so miss Zihuatanejo....we've said it about 10 times since coming home :(

    1. Thanks, we will have to remember that, if Kevin every finds the time to write a book! :-)

      We are headed to Zihuatanejo today and tomorrow. We like it there too! It must be hard having to be back home in the cold, no wonder you are wishing you were back there!

  4. Glad to see you're taking a day off (more or less) once in a while! (Teasing here) Just reading you might make me tired, but I enjoy your excursions, visits, discoveries and beautiful pictures!

    1. It is nice to take a day off and do nothing and we actually had a couple of days like that. We are really looking forward to getting back up into the mountains and the cooler temperatures though, we really miss our hiking!

      We are happy to hear that you enjoy reading about our adventures and all the fun exploring that we do. :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Chris!

      We actually had several lazy days which is really unusual for us!


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