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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Bike ride, Zihuatanejo and the Crazy Potato

Sorry for the delay! We were on the road at 7:00am to get our driving day completed as early as possible. You can read more about that on Thursday morning!

Yesterday (Tuesday), in the morning, Ruth and I went for a bike ride! There haven't been many opportunities on this trip to get the bikes off, but Ixtapa has a fantastic cyclopista (bike path) that we wanted to take advantage of.

Close to the RV park at Playa Linda is a natural area where they have crocodiles. Right beside the bicycle path!

Ixtapa is a tourist area. 
Lots of signs in English.

Yep, there's a big fellow!

Not sure what this is.

A roseate spoonbill.

Taking a break by the bike path.

We continued on to the big hotels and condos at Ixtapa. Ruth and I sometimes joke that these people don't even know they're in Mexico! I didn't bother taking any photos of the tourist zone, but I did when we made our way to the big marina.

The marina at Ixtapa.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Apparently rich people must play golf, so there is a golf course beside the marina.

I would love to see the interior of one of these boats.

But we obviously don't hang around with the right people!

This one says it's from Edmonton...?

We're going to have to expand our circle of friends!

Riding back, we stopped at the crocodile area again, this time on the opposite side of the road.

They are so prehistoric!

Eyes, nose, and ears above the water.

A turtle.

My, what sharp teeth you have!

We made it back to the RV Park and we had done 28 kms (17 miles)! What a great bike path system they have. A big section of it goes through forested areas, so you have shade throughout the day. In our minds, the best part of Ixtapa! 

Mid afternoon, we took the group in to Zihuatanejo. Just to see the sights and to go to a popular restaurant for an early dinner.

Twelve of the fourteen of us took taxis in from the Fotatur RV Park into the dock area of Zihuatanejo. The cost was 200 pesos per taxi, so with four people in a taxi it worked out to a reasonable 50 pesos ($2.65 USD, $3.50 CAD) per person one way for the 18 km (11 mile) trip.

Zihuatanejo Bay.

Zihutanejo fishing boats.

It's a really pretty area.

Right downtown is Playa Principal.

We took the group to the downtown market to do some shopping, and while they were doing that I walked up to the Papas Locas restaurant. It's a popular spot in the evening, and I had read that it didn't open until 7:00pm, but when I got there they were getting ready to open. They said come back in 20 minutes, and they would be ready for our group of 12!

"Papas Locas" means Crazy Potatoes. 

And that's their specialty!

First, they feed you totopos (chips) and different kinds of salsas.

Then, they bring you your baked potato!

Ruth and I split one. We have been to this place before, so we knew that to eat a whole one would be a very filling meal!

Barry, Paul, Lynnette, Kathy, Brian, Jeannie.

We all had a great meal, and then we took taxis back to the RV Park. Early start this morning for our drive up into the mountains today!

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And in Canada...


  1. Love it! Been thinking about touring this way next winter.

    1. I hope you do, there is so much to see down here in Mexico. :-)

  2. There is entirely way too much money in the wrong hands...

  3. I think your mystery bird might be a Green Heron. When they crouch down and pull in their necks, they look very different from a typical heron, and they're smaller anyway. They love to hang out near creek and riverbanks. We used to see them along a creek when kayaking in North Carolina. Google and see if you think that's what you saw. LOVE and envy the bike path. Sounds and looks perfect! And the potatoes don't look too bad either! :-)

    1. I think you are totally correct, that it is a Green Heron. I had mentioned to Kevin at the time that it might be a heron, I just wasn't sure which one. I was going to look it up when we got back to the motorhome but I forgot.

      You two would have loved this bike path, and there were other bike trails as well that weren't paved. We will have to check them out the next time we make it to that area.

  4. Nice pictures of the crocodiles and birdlife along with the other lifestyle....along the marina. Those potatoes lived up to their name “papas locas”. Thanks for bringing the group there Kevin and Ruth.

    1. Thank you Lynnette!

      We are so glad that you enjoyed the papas locas, they are absolutely delicious there. :-)


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