Cows ready to be milked near, Stamullen, Ireland.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Cashel, Ireland.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Back to the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Perfect weather

Here at Rancho la Mesa RV Park, we are above the city of Patzcuaro. The altitude here is at 7,400 feet. But the sun is shining all day long with clear blue skies. It is only at night that it gets a little chilly.

High temperatures at this time of year are around 22C (71F), with overnight lows around 4C (39F). Great for sleeping, and by 9:30am it is beautiful and warm outside. Not hot. Just perfect for us.

Yes, it was another clear blue sky...

Sherman has his awning out.

Sheep walking by out front.

A big fifth wheel pulled in with a couple from Vancouver Island.

Horses and donkeys at Rancho La Mesa.

Yesterday was another free day. Some people went back into town, and some people just hung around the park and relaxed. We chose to go for a hike with Bob, Denise, and their dog Scarlet.

Ruth, Bob, Denise, and Scarlet.

We found a nice dirt track with lots of farmland.

Cows and horses.

In the village of La Vitela.

This horse is working!

It was a great two hour hike and at a decent pace we got 10 kms (6.2 miles) in.

Back at the RV park, Ruth made us some lunch.

This fellow was having some lunch too.
Right outside our door.

Relaxed for the afternoon. Ruth did some laundry and I did some computer work. Then I had a short nap!

It was Jeannie's birthday yesterday.

Happy Birthday Jeannie!

Black-backed oriole.

Full moon rising.

Full moon.

End of another great day in Mexico!

Record low on H&R Block Tax Software. It's back at Black Friday pricing!

And in Canada...


  1. The picture of Sherman looks like he is stuck to the axles!!! Obviously an illusion. Safe travels!!

    1. Yes, it's just an illusion but you also have to remember that Shermans wheels are smaller than newer motorhomes and his wheels are also inset under the frame and not even with the frame.

  2. Great moon shots, apparently today is another super moon.

    1. Thank you! It is hard to keep track of all these "moon" names that they have nowadays.

  3. Using the horse makes good sense. Not sure how much of a load it is in terms of weight but it's definitely environmentally friendly.

    1. For many of the locals around here I am sure it makes sense to use a horse or a mule, especially with the price of fuel these days!

  4. We have a "SnowMoon" up here at Latitude 47 tonight, is it the same down there?
    Pretty large wherever I'm thinking...

    1. They call it a "snow moon" because it is the full moon in February, not sure whether that would apply this far south because the is no snow in sight! It is however a "super" moon which means that it looks huge as it is a full moon and is on it's closest path to Earth.


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