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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Interesting driving day in Mexico, and the Tzararacua Waterfalls

With lots of beautiful scenery.

Always with a plan to arrive at our destination by 2:00pm at the latest, we set off from Ixtapa RV Park at 7:00am. We made a gasoline stop early, and then hit the toll highway heading up into the mountains and the city of Uruapan.

We were only taking the toll highway part way though, and then we got on the free road.

Yesterday's drive, 263 kms (163 miles).

We also had to climb from sea level to 5,900 feet!

We got off the toll highway at the town of Nueva Italia.

And had some construction detours to deal with.

It was almost noon by the time we made it to our planned lunch stop at the Tzararacua Waterfalls. Ruth and I have been here before, back in 2012, and I took some of the group from our February 2016 caravan. So I have been here more recently than Ruth.

But, we weren't sure if there was enough room for 8 RV's to park there. Fortunately, it was mid week and the place was very quiet.

We got everybody into the parking area okay, and as I got out of Sherman, I noticed that he was missing another wheel cover! Strangely, it was the right rear. I have no idea how it could have come off because there are valve extensions bolted onto the wheel cover! But, there it was, gone... with the valve extenders flopping around. I taped them to the rim, and I will put the remaining front wheel cover onto the rear. 

In order to get to the base of the waterfalls, there are 565 steps. They do have horses that will take you down, and bring you back up another path. Seven of our group were ambitious enough to tackle the steps. Six of us took the steps back up!

Definitely worth the effort!

It's an impressive waterfall.

Ruth, crossing the bridge at the bottom.

Tzararacua Waterfall.

I couldn't fit it all in, so I took a video for you...

Ruth with Bob, Denise, and Scarlet the dog.

Sue and Roy.

Roy made it down the 565 steps, but he decided it would be better to take a horse back up.

Next, it was into the busy city of Uruapan (pop 240,000). We made our way to a big Soriana store with a big, easy to use parking lot and did some stocking up for our 4 night stay here.

There's only one game in town for RV parking... the Pie de la Sierra hotel. It's not ideal for RV's... not very level, and there aren't enough hookups for 8 RV's. But, there are some things that are worth seeing in the area and that's why we're here. And, there is decent wifi, and the hotel itself is very nice and we get full use of their facilities. 

There is a beautiful swimming pool.

But it's unheated and we are at 5,900 feet. 
The water is a bit chilly!

We had happy hour by the pool.

So, another busy day in Mexico!

Today, we will take the group to a National Park that is right inside the city!

The popular Ninja Smart Screen Blender is at a record low price.

And in Canada...


  1. Wow, that waterfall is incredible!

    1. We think it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls that we have seen so far and we have seen a lot of waterfalls. The best thing was that we had it almost totally to ourselves because we were there mid-week. :-)

  2. A nice travel day, beautiful scenery. The hotel looks very posh.

    1. The scenery was fantastic!

      The hotel looks pretty posh but there are definitely some areas that could use a little work. Not sure what the rooms look like. The grounds are beautiful though. :-)

  3. From yesterday's post...I'd love to have seen more of the bike trail...what I did see looks beautiful. I love to see tourist area also but I know you don't so that's ok. And, the drive to mountains is beautiful and gorgeous water falls...Wow! I met a lady from Alberta at Walmart yesterday with her pooch. Said she reads your blog...what a small world. She asked me what is my favorite part of Canada. Told her I hadn't seen all of it but BC is the only area I've personally been to but seen some of it through your eyes. Told her I love the prairie and east coast and lakes and where Ruth's dad lives. I also read a blog about life on a diary farm near St. John's river near Fredericton, New Brunswick.

    1. I guess if you want to see more of the bike trail then you will have to come down to Ixtapa and rent a bike. ;-)

      Just like everywhere in the world there are always beautiful places to visit and Canada, USA and Mexico definitely have their share.

  4. What a great video. I remember you talking about it before.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, Kevin was at these waterfalls almost 3 years ago with some of the men from the one month caravan that we lead in 2016.

  5. What a great waterfall. I'm not sure I would have been able to do the steps up but the horse looked like a great option. Safe Travels

    1. It sure is a beautiful one! We are sure that you could have made it back up those steps Lorne, you just take your time and rest every once in a while. We had two people in the group that were over 70 that went down and they both made it back up the steps. :-)

  6. Beautiful scenery! Very impressive waterfalls! Thanks for the lovely pictures!

    1. The scenery was beautiful and so were the waterfalls! We love showing off Mexico. :-)

  7. Too bad Paul and I didn’t make it to the waterfall but the pictures and video gave us a pretty good idea of what we missed. Lol! Always appreciate looking at pictures of what we miss during this trip.

    1. It's a shame that you didn't make it down there but we are happy that you enjoyed our pictures. Glad that you didn't miss out on yesterday's adventure though, you did really well on that. :-)


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