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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

I love going to the dentist!

Said no one.


But if you need to go to the dentist, the one we go to here in Valle de Juárez is pretty easy to take. We've been to her several times in the past. The last time was three years ago in February 2016 when I had caps put on my two rear upper molars.

About six months ago, I lost a chunk of filling out of a rear lower molar. I could feel the big hole with my tongue, but otherwise it didn't bother me... no pain at all.

I knew it needed to be fixed eventually, but I wanted to wait until I got to Mexico. No way would we pay the ridiculous Canada or United States dental prices.

She put me in the chair, asked what I was having problems with, and went to work. First, she checked the two upper molar caps that she had done three years ago. They have no records, so she was just going by memory! They are fine.

Then, she froze the area around the molar, drilled the rest of the old filling out, and re-filled it. She said that it will probably last, but if it doesn't I would have to do a cap the same as the uppers were done.

Total cost... 300 pesos ($16.00 USD, $21.60 CAD).

And she speaks a bit of English. It's a family business and her father is also a dentist in the same office. The son is at university, also studying to be a dentist and he has one more year of school left. He was at the dental office yesterday and we spoke quite a bit. He is also studying English and was very enthusiastic to talk with a native English speaker.

Nice people.

We have been to five or six dentists in Mexico over the years. The most expensive was the one in Algodones, but being that it's a border town that makes sense. Algodones has better pricing than Canada or the U.S., but it's still pricey compared to the rest of Mexico. But the other dentists we have been to in the interior of Mexico genuinely seem to care about you, not gouging you for every penny.

Here in Valle de Juárez, there is no dental insurance, no malpractice insurance, there are no computers, no extravagant offices and fancy waiting rooms. The appointment book is exactly that... a book. But they do have modern dental equipment, including a new computerized x-ray machine.

There is no dental hygienist or assistant. The dentist herself does the cleanings, and if she needs help during a job, she just asks her father or brother to come over and help if she needs it. Oh, and she is also a root canal specialist.

Much more relaxed environment. I don't mind going to the dentist here. I would not go so far as to say that I love going to the dentist though!

A few of the others in our group also had appointments yesterday and today. So far, everybody is thrilled.

A bit of a rainbow.

Sherman and some of the rigs here at Victoria RV Park.

Happy hour.

We had a few raindrops in the afternoon, but nothing much. This is only the third time it has rained since we crossed the border December 2nd! But after the sun went down, we had a solid hour or so of fairly heavy rain as a storm went through. Today, we woke up to a beautiful sunny day.

Can't waste it... we are off for a hike!

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And in Canada...


  1. Jeez, and we thought our dentist in Algodones at $50 US for a filling was a bargain. She has been our family dentist for 10 years and we always get hugs. Will try out the dentist in Valle de Juarez next season.

    1. That's what Kevin said the border is still cheap but when you really go into Mexico and away from the tourist and expat areas it is even cheaper!

      When are you hoping to be in the Valle de Juárez area next winter?

  2. Yep dentist is expensive in USA...I know I paid enough over the years. I never tried Mexico.

    1. Not sure why you haven't tired the dentists in Mexico, you really aren't very far from the border!

  3. Even at $50 a filling, Los Algodones is a tad cheaper than driving to Valle de Juárez and back ;) But I do hate the gouging atmosphere there, and am looking forward to experiencing real México some day!

    1. True but if you are traveling around Mexico and make Valle de Juárez part of your trip then it is a totally different story.

  4. A friend of ours was a dentist. He quit early because he said he couldn't stand the pain he caused his patients. That said, most of the pain comes from the anesthesia. There is a device few dentists use called The Wand. It measures your temperature before using a micro needle to inject the novacain. Not sure why more don't use it. But again, who wants a patient who doesn't have dental problems? No money in that.

    1. That wand sounds like an interesting new device. Have to say that Dr. Lissette is really gentle and applies a numbing agent to the area that she is going to freeze with the novocaine so you don't feel the needle being inserted. She is definitely the best dentist that we have ever been too.

  5. I didn’t know how to find you on Facebook.... I’m going to the mountain tomorrow afternoon. Would you like to go see the site in I’m building the cabana on? Then we can go to my house so you can see what’s here, then take a short ride to my friends house that is being reconstructed. I need to get pictures for him. You can find me on Facebook. Nancy DeFiesta. Or call Becky and ask for my phone number.

    1. Thank you for your invitation but we already have plans with the group for this afternoon.


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