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Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Yesterday, nine of our group took the local bus into Acapulco. Ruth and I have not been to Acapulco since 2013, but not much has changed. Although Acapulco doesn't receive as many international tourists as it once did, the city is still an ocean playground for many people from Mexico, especially since Mexico City is only three and a half hours away by car.

There are two things you have to do as a visitor to Acapulco... one is to see the famous cliff divers at La Quebrada... and the other is to take the local bus!

We walked out the gate to the road, and a bus was coming!

We flagged it down, and paid 9 pesos ($0.50 USD, $0.65 CAD) per person for the 12 km (7.4 mile) ride into the city of 800,000 people.

On the local bus in Acapulco.

The interior of the bus is painted with a Looney Tunes theme!

The buses in Acapulco are privately owned and operated. And there aren't many rules! So most of the buses are all decked out in various colors, with music and horns blaring. Vendors regularly get on and off trying to sell you various do musicians, if they can play over the music coming from the bus itself. It's a real experience.

We got off the bus and headed up to La Quebrada where the cliff divers have been doing their shows since 1934. It was pretty quiet when we got up there at 12:10, but the show didn't take place until 1:00pm.... and there was a cruise ship in town!

Us, at the Acapulco sign.

Pretty quiet when we arrived.

But then the cruise ship buses showed up!

And by 1:00pm, it was packed with tourists!

Some of our crew found a place in the shade.

8 guys clambered up the rock face to the diving platform.


Then, off they went...

Some of them try to get the crowd going.


And he's off.

After the show, we walked down to a little lunch place we had spotted...

This place looked like it had been here for 50 years.

Everybody had something different and it cost 40 pesos ($2.15 USD, $2.80 CAD) each for lunch with a drink included!

Roy loves his ice cream!

The Norwegian Star was in town.

Acapulco harbor.

The cruise ship port.

Acapulco skyline.

People enjoying the beach.

Fancy Beetle.

Back home by 4:00pm. Ruth and I got off the bus early and stopped in to see a guy about doing a boat tour in the lagoon this morning.

It was another great day in Mexico!

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And in Canada...


  1. I've seen them in Mazatlan - takes a lot of guts!

    1. Yes, it takes lots of guts, and the cliff divers in Acapulco do it from an even higher height!

  2. Amazing places! I wish so much to be in Mexic..I miss Mexic..You are amazing and i like so much to look at your posts. Take care my friends! Many kisses!

  3. Again great photos! Happy to follow along this time. Maybe someday will actually get there... :)

    1. Thanks Karyn Lee, I hope one day that you can.

  4. Replies
    1. We all had a great time, I think the most fun of the day was taking the local bus!

  5. Those cliff divers were in an Elvis movie, Fun in Acapulco. Great pics

    1. Looks like we are now going to have to find that movie to watch! :-)

  6. Wow! I went to Acapulco in 1977! We saw the cliff divers then, these guys must be the children or grandchildren of those divers! And the skyline! Definitely many more buildings than there were back then. Thanks for the trip down memory lane :)

    1. Who knows who the divers are now but it wouldn't surprise us if some of guys diving aren't relatives of those ones. It definitely takes the right kind of person to be able to do this.

      Glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane. :-)

  7. We were anchored in the Acapulco harbor during Semana Santa one year. It is neither a week (semana) nor has much to do with saints (santa). It lasts from Sat before Palm Sunday to Mon after Easter Sun. The disco party boats would circle the anchored boats from 2pm till 6am everyday. Hundreds of buses from Mexico City were parked along the sidewalks providing a place to sleep at night for their charter passengers. Bacchanal would be a better description.

    1. Yep, anywhere by the beach is very, very busy during Semana Santa, you have to either join them or get out of "Dodge" become the holiday begins! The Mexicans love their holidays and party like there's no tomorrow. :-)


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