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Monday, February 18, 2019

An early travel day to Patzcuaro

This group is great because they don't mind early travel days, even when it's a short drive.

We made a plan to leave Uruapan's Hotel Pie de la Sierra RV park at our leisure and meet at the nearby gas station with a goal of being able to leave the gas station with everybody filled up by 7:30am.

And that's exactly what happened!

One of the reasons we wanted to leave early was to get through the city of Uruapan before there was much traffic. The road through is in horrible condition, so it was going to be slow going anyhow.

But also, our destination in Patzcuaro (pop 80,000) was only 70 kms (43 miles) away and we wanted to be able to arrive early enough to get into town and enjoy the day.

Yesterday's drive, 70 kms (43 miles).

We decided to take the free road out of Uruapan. It's in great condition and it's scenic. Yes, more time consuming than the cuota (toll road), but it was hard to justify the 125 pesos ($6.50 USD, $8.75 CAD) toll fee for such a short distance.

Scenery from the free road.

We arrived at Rancho la Mesa RV Park at around 9:00am. No other RV's here, and we all have a nice view. That's one of the highlights of staying here... the beautiful view of Patzcuaro and the lake.

View from Rancho la Mesa.

There are turkeys here.

And roosters.

And horses, and donkeys, and bulls, and sheep, and friendly dogs. Haven't seen any pigs yet though!

And a restaurant that has this view!

Everybody got themselves set up, and then we ordered four taxis for the 2.5 km (just over a mile) drive into town. The taxis cost 60 pesos ($3.25 USD, $4.15 CAD) per vehicle, so pretty cheap when you have three or four people in a cab.


We made a plan to meet back at a certain area around 12:30pm and we would all go for lunch. I had checked out what looked like a nice restaurant, and they even had a private room for our group. In the meantime, we all wandered around at our own pace for an hour or so.

Inside the Basilica.

There is lots of old stuff in Patzcuaro.
The town dates back to 1324, and the Spanish arrived here in 1538.

Courtyard of the Colegio de San Nicolás Obispo, built in 1540.

Busy Sunday in the plaza.

Pony rides for the kids.

We went to the Restaurant "La Tradicion".

Garth, Ruth, Roy, Sue, Jeannie, Barry, Kathy, and Brian.

Denise, Bob, Paul, Lynnette, and Wendy.

My lunch!
Enchiladas, chicken, potatoes, and salad.

My meal was delicious! 120 pesos ($6.25 USD, $8.25 CAD), with a beer included! I did not need much supper! We love eating out in Mexico!

Patzcuaro is famous for the Dance of the Little Old Men, so after lunch we wandered down to the plaza again.

I even took a short video for you... turn up your volume...

It was another great day in Mexico!

Coffee K-Cup Pods on sale... great prices for a 72 pack....

And in Canada...


  1. We loved Rancho in 2016. Planned to stay a few days and ended up a few weeks. A donkey was born when arrived and we watched him grow up. Loved the restaurant there too. Great memories.

    1. We really enjoy it here, the views are amazing and we really love all the farm animals that are wandering around at their leisure. :-)

      We can totally understand how you could stay a few weeks here. The area is beautiful and there is so much to see and do here.

  2. Nothing like and early travel day, get to you destination and enjoy the rest of the day there. lunch looked wonderful too.

    1. Yep, that is always our intentions when it comes to travel days. :-)

  3. Lovely view from your sites. I've never heard of the Little Old Men Dance before

    1. We have some of the best views of Patzcuaro from here, we love it!

      The Dance of the Little Old Men originated in Michoacan near Patzcuaro centuries ago and is a traditional dance in the state.

  4. What a pretty town. Love the litle old man dance. Delicious lunch too.

    1. It is a pretty town and very old. We love visiting this town and the surrounding area.

      Another perfect day! :-)

  5. Oh yes, I remember that wonderful place.

    1. I wish we were with you when you were here but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. I hope you still had a great visit. :-)

  6. Baile de Los Viejitos. Juan has danced than many times!

    1. I had wondered if maybe he had danced this dance before. We would have love to have seen him doing the dance. :-)

  7. After about six weeks of non stop reading, I finished your blog from the beginning! Thank you for being so attentive and consistent with your posts. It was a joy to read and I feel like I’ve visited 100s of places!

    1. Wow, we can't believe that you went right back to the beginning and read all of our posts, that takes a big commitment! We are really glad that you enjoyed it and have found our posts helpful. Hopefully we will continue to take you to new and wonderful places through our blog. :-)


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