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Saturday, February 9, 2019

"Hey, there's a whale!"

We are about 50 kms (30 miles) south of the tourist area at Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo at the town of La Barrita. La Barrita is not actually a town, as such. There are about 100 people living here... a few beachfront restaurants and a couple more out on the highway... and an elementary school. That's about it.

There isn't much in the way of shopping available, although there is a fruit and vegetable truck that comes in every couple of days. Yesterday, Ruth and I went with our host Lorraine into the small city (pop 20,000) of Petatlán.

We took the collectivo van that runs by on the highway out front. One way cost for the 19 km journey was 19 pesos ($1.00 USD, $1.33 CAD) per person.

Before we left, we were told of this needle fish that had washed up on the beach.

Ruth, and the needle fish.

At the butcher in Petatlán.

The plaza in Petatlán.

A typical small city. Lots of places to have lunch, and we might return with some others in the group if they wish. A nice market, and we stocked up on fruits and veggies. 

In the afternoon, I had a nap in the hammock facing the beach. It's pretty easy to be lazy at a place like this!

Ruth and I had just finished having a few games of backgammon and we were just starting happy hour when Roy said "Hey, there's a whale!"

A boat had stopped to watch it as well.

It turned out there were two whales.
We think it was a mom and her young one.

The young one was playing, and kept coming out of the water!

The mom on the left, and the young one popping his head out of the water.

They put on quite a display, and it was fun to watch.

My birthday cake!

It had been my birthday on Thursday, and Ruth had tried to get a flan. I'm not big on cake, but I love flan! We bought one while we were in town and shared it with the group at happy hour. 

Our hosts Mark and Lorraine had recommended a restaurant across the highway that does typical Mexican food. Tacos, huaraches, quesadillas, enchiladas. That kind of thing. So after the sun went down, seven of us wandered over for dinner.

We got there, and there was a woman and a baby lying in a hammock. And a couple of older kids watching tv. But she got up and welcomed us, and put a couple of tables together for us. There was no menu as such, just some stuff written on cards and placed on the wall. No prices mentioned and we didn't ask.

We ordered some Coronas and a bottle of water and a bottle of Fresca. Then we ordered food.

This little guy kept asking if we wanted another beer, which he was happy to get!

Roy, Ruth, Bob, Denise, Wendy, Sue.

I had the chicken tacos.

The bill for 8 beers, one soft drink, one water and seven plates of food was 320 pesos ($16.75 USD, $22.25 CAD).

We actually thought she must have made a mistake, and asked for a breakdown of the prices. But no, it was accurate. The beers were 15 pesos ($0.80 USD, $1.05 CAD) each and the food was an average of 25 pesos ($1.35 USD, $1.75 CAD) per person!

We were stuffed. Ruth and Denise each got a huarache and they were so huge that Bob and I had to help them finish it!

We will be going back to that restaurant again!

It was another great day in Mexico!

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  1. Nice to have a relaxing day watching the Whales from your own site as well as finding a restaurant that is reasonably priced so close.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. It was lovely to watch the whales swimming by, and a definite treat to see the young one having so much fun constantly jumping out of the water.

      We are headed back to that restaurant for dinner tonight!

  2. 57 is not old Kevin - Happy Birthday! My hubby is just experiencing some burnout and he's tired of the go go go of owning your own company. Great day seeing unexpected whales and finished with a fine supper. I've seen a needlenose fish live in hawaii, they are very neat!

    1. You are right, it isn't old at all! :-)

      It is really hard when you have your own company, Kevin remembers that from years ago having his own company. At some point you just have to make the decision to say enough is enough, or you just won't have a life to enjoy later if you get yourself burned out!

      It was a nice treat watching those whales swimming by.

  3. It is so nice where you are. We spent two weeks in Zihutanejo. This a cute city with a great market place. We bought there fish and fruits. Even the streets were painted and washed. And the ocean so warm... Good memories. Except the last day
    We were swimming in the ocean like every day. But it was windy and wavy. There came a time when I was drifting sideways and out. Thanks Bernd he saw me fighting and came to my rescue. Since then I am not going in the ocean where I cannot stand anymore

    1. Yes, Zihuatanejo is a pretty little town. We will go into town from our next location which is much closer than where we are right now.

      We are glad that you enjoyed yourselves there. You definitely have to be careful with the ocean and the waves on the Pacific coast, the undercurrent can be very strong. We are glad that Bernd saw what was happening with you and was able to go out there and get you safely back to the beach. :-)

  4. My kind of restaurant! Happy Birthday

    1. It was so good and so cheap that we are headed back there this evening for dinner. :-)

      Kevin, says thank you for the birthday wishes.

  5. Happy birthday (belatedly) Kevin! I didn't see where you said your age, but one of the comments said you were 57. As am I (for 2 more months). Nothing wrong with this age. You're active and healthy so all is well. And that restaurant looked like your kind of place for a celebration -- inexpensive and good. Love the flan too! Glad you had a good celebration.

    1. Thank you Emily... you are correct, 57 is still young when you are active and healthy. Most of the time, I still feel like I am 40!


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