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Friday, February 15, 2019

Mexico's smallest National Park

The city of Uruapan itself isn't really anything special. But, there are a couple of special things in the area, and that's why we're here.

The first, is Mexico's smallest National Park. And, the fact that this National Park is located right in the city, only 2.5 kms (1 mile) from where we are parked up at Hotel Pie de la Sierra.

The park is called Barranca del Cupatitzio National Park. It is the location where the Cupatitzio River comes out of the ground. There are many natural underground springs that all make their way into the river that becomes the Tzararacua Waterfalls that we showed you the other day.

The national park is beautiful... lots of greenery and waterfalls everywhere. Many are man made, but a lot are natural as well.

Twelve of us hopped into three taxis at 50 pesos ($2.60 USD, $3.45 CAD) per taxi for the short ride to the park entrance where we paid 25 pesos ($1.30 USD, $1.75 CAD) per adult entrance fee to the park.

Lots of fountains too.

Cascada La Camelina.  

 Rincon de Poeta.

Bob, Ruth, Denise, and Garth. 

They also have a trout fish farm here.

You can choose your fish, and they will fillet it and cook it for you!

This is where the crystal clear water comes out of the ground.

An American dipper.

Golgota Waterfall.

 Erendira Fountain.

We spent an hour and a half wandering around the park, then it was time for lunch. I found us a cheap place for lunch, and we all had a meal together. This is a cocina economica where you get a bowl of soup, and a choice of main course with a drink included for a set price.

Ruth had cream of carrot soup, and beef with green salsa and beans.

I had a vegetable soup and a local dish called apporeadillo. Dried beef in an egg sauce.

A pretty decent meal for 62 pesos ($3.25 USD, $4.30 CAD) per person.

Church in Uruapan. 

Lots of blow up stuff for sale on Valentines Day.

Beautiful tree in the central plaza.

Uruapan central plaza.

Pretty flowers on another tree.

Then, we put eight people into taxis for the return trip, and four of us walked 2.5 kms (1 mile) uphill back to the hotel.

I had a nap for an hour, and then it was time for happy hour where we played a game of LCR and Denise was the big winner!

It was another great day in Mexico!

Today, we have rented a van to take the group to the amazing Paricutin Volcano and the church buried in lava. It will be my third time visiting, and Ruth's second. But for everyone else in the group it will be a new experience!

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  1. Love the park...is the water coming from ground drinkable? Just wondering since many of natural springs here in USA are bottled. The flowered tree is a bottle brush tree. I had three in my front yard that died of disease...couldn't save them.

    1. It is a beautiful park and we loved walking around it and just taking everything in. They have done an amazing job on it.

      Actually that tree is not a bottle brush tree, it isn't even in the same family. It is called a pink shaving brush tree and is quite different from a bottle brush tree.

  2. I'm sure Ruth's lunch tasted good but it LOOKS gross (lol).

    1. You are correct, it really didn't look appealing at all but it was very tasty!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day.
    That park you visited is exceptionally beautiful. And you did not have a trout for lunch?
    I hope the Volcano behaved well when you visited. Have fun.

    1. Thank you Angi, we hope you and Bernd had a Happy Valentine's Day too!

      Yes, this park is beautiful. Everyone that went loved wandering around it and seeing all the special features and enjoyed the nice rainforest feel in there. No we didn't have trout for lunch.

      The volcano behaved very well for us. :-)


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