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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A visit to Whiskey's tree, and a fiesta!

Beautiful day yesterday, and we set off with a few others to walk down the road to the old Hacienda Contreras RV Park.

The main reason for Ruth and I was to visit Whiskey's tree, but we also wanted to show the others the park that we had spent so much time at over the years since our first visit in 2009.

We asked the caretaker if we could go in and have a look around.

The trees are getting so big!

For comparison, this was taken in February 2011, only 8 years ago!

Next stop was to visit our dog Whiskey. She had been part of our family for fifteen and a half years and she passed away while we were in Mexico in late September of 2011. We buried her at Hacienda Contreras and planted a small bottle brush tree to mark the spot.

Ruth with Whiskey's tree in March 2012.

And now!

We continued up the road with Bob and Denise to a hiking spot we know of that includes a view.

Heading to a view.

Yep, that was worth the effort!

In the afternoon, our host Chema here at Victoria RV Park put on a fiesta for us. He supplied the meat and a couple of bottles of tequila, and we each brought a salad or dessert. There was lots of food!

And, as is almost always the case with a fiesta in Mexico, there were more than just our group invited...

A fiesta!

Barry trying on the Viva Mexico sombrero!

Roy looks like he would like to have some of that tequila!

Some of the food.

Garth, the only non drinker in our group!

Viva Mexico!

Good tequila!

Chema, cooking up the meat.

Friends Heinz and Uli.

A good time was had by all.

Today, we're going up to the town of Mazamitla, stopping for fish tacos, then the waterfalls.

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And in Canada...


  1. Wow, Whiskey's tree sure has grown/changed. Who knew it would look so awesome?

    1. It sure has, it makes our hearts happy to see it doing so well. Whiskey must love it there. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. We do miss her but we also now enjoy the freedom we have of not owning a pet. We do get lots of opportunities to enjoy other people's pets though. :-)

  3. Great pictures. The old place looks great.

    1. They have done a nice job of keeping it looking nice.

  4. OOops, that was me, Barb. Sorry I havent commented in so long I lost my name I guess. LOL Thanks for checking out the place, and Whiskeys trees is awesome. Miss it sometimes.

    1. I figured that it might have been, you Barb! :-)

      We can't believe how well Whiskey's tree is doing, as I mentioned above she really must like it there.

  5. Neat tree & memory!
    Nice hike too.
    What does a Mexico tour cost or with what company?

    1. Yes, we always love to go back and say our hello's to Whiskey and see how her tree is doing.

      It was a nice hike, just a little short, we should be getting in a great hike today though.

      We are just doing this caravan on our own. We will make the decision in June and write a blog post if we decide to do another trip next winter, so keep your eyes peeled in June for the post.

  6. Whiskey's tree sure has grown I remember when you planted it.

    1. Yes, it sure has. It is doing really well and looks nice and healthy. We always love stopping by to see it and say hello to Whiskey.

  7. I knew you couldn't be in the area without visiting Whiskey. Brought a tear to my eye that the tree looks so good and flowery. RIP Whiskey.

    1. You are right, there is no way we would come here and NOT see her and her tree.

  8. We remember this so well. How fast time flies by. Seems like only yesterday. RIP Whiskey!!

    1. Yes, time sure flies! It is hard to believe that she has been gone just over seven years now. We really love coming back to say our hellos and see how her tree is doing.


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