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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Mazamitla, fish tacos, and waterfall

We took the group into the town of Mazamitla yesterday. It's a pretty little town, but really busy on weekends because it is a popular getaway place for people who live in the big city of Guadalajara. During the week is a better time to visit.

On the way, there is a new fish taco place that came highly recommended.

So we hopped on the local bus that came by at just after 11:00am, and we were at the fish taco place by 11:30am. It's never too early for fish tacos! They open at 11:00am, but we were the first customers of the day.

I forgot to take any photos. But they were delicious! They have a really nice coleslaw that you put on the tacos as well as numerous other sauces of your choice. And only 15 pesos ($0.80 USD, $1.05 CAD) each!

Then we got taxis from there into Mazamitla.

Church at the plaza in Mazamitla.

Some of us wanted to hike down to the waterfalls and it's about 4.1 kms each way from the center of town. And it's downhill all the way there which means that it's uphill all the way back! Some people took a taxi to and from the entrance gate to the Los Cazos neighbourhood where the falls are located. That dropped it down to 2.3 kms each way... but still hilly!

There are some nice homes on the property where the falls are located.

Lots of rental cabins too.

Some of them are fancy.

Like this one!

Ruth at the falls.

Another nice property.

This one is new.


Back in town, we met up with everybody and figured out how to get everybody back to the RV Park. I had some things to do in town, and we wanted to check out prices for doing an ATV tour on Friday.

The back of the church is different.

We had walked all the way back through town and realized we only had a couple more kilometers to go back to the fish taco place. By this time, we were getting hungry again so we decided to stop in for more food.

They were actually sold out of fish tacos, so we had some shrimp tacos instead!

Two shrimp tacos and a beer for 64 pesos ($3.35 USD, $4.50 CAD).

Another great day in Mexico!

But we obviously didn't get enough exercise yesterday because we are setting off with our hiking partners Denise and Bob, as well as another couple here at the park to do the 11 km (6.8 mile) route uphill to el Tigre. And if we can't find a ride back down it will be a 22 km (13.6 mile) hike!

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And in Canada...


  1. What type of fish in the fish tacos? We were in La Paz, Mex and the fish tacos listed Dorado as a type available. Yes, I love the Dorado fish! It was a fried fish, Dorado in this case meaning golden.

  2. Oh! The Horror! You had to go with the "shrimp" tacos instead of the fish tacos. My heart goes out to you! *snort* (OK, got that out of my system) I was actually going to comment on the really cool houses. Cool houses. There.

    1. I know right, the tragedies we have to deal with!

      The houses in that neighbourhood are really interesting to see. They are all so different and the landscaping is beautiful.

  3. Replies
    1. Croft, you guys would love these tacos. We went back more than once during the holidays. I used to think that Baja had the best, that has since changed.

    2. Chris is right, you would love these tacos! Looks like you may have to come back down to Mexico next year just to try them out. :-)

  4. What a pretty area! Yummy, shrimp tacos!!

    1. It's a beautiful are, we always love to go for a hike here.

      The tacos were delicious!

  5. Love the tree house. A restful place to live.

    1. Yep, it was pretty interesting, there were a couple others there too, I think they may be rental units.

      We love wandering around in that community, it is up in the mountains with pine trees all around and all the houses seem to have beautiful landscaping, definitely very peaceful, except maybe on the weekends.

  6. Could you mention the name of the fish taco place? I'm taking notes for our next trip to Mexico -- we just got back from Baja California. (Spent most of our time at Cabo Pulmo, a sandy little resort town near the national park.) Btw, the fish tacos they served there at Caballero's were "conchita," we were told. It's a great, reasonably-priced restaurant -- and the only place in town that regularly serves coffee in the mornings.

    1. The name of the restaurant is Punto Marino Taco De Mar, it is on the road that goes from Mazamitla to Valle de Juárez very shortly after the glorieta (traffic circle).


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