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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Another one of Mexico's beautiful National Parks

Yesterday, we did the relatively short 128 km (79 mile) drive from Patzcuaro to Camecuaro National Park.

As is always the case, it takes a lot longer than you would expect to get anywhere in Mexico. Especially when you avoid the toll roads like we normally do!

Here's the route we took...

Yesterday,s drive, 128 kms (79 miles).

Including the fairly minor directional error I made, it took us three hours to reach our destination!

Sunrise at Patzcuaro.

We were up early, but we headed out at 9:00am.

We had a short section of  no charge toll road.

Concrete statues for sale.

Going through Tzintzuntzan.

Nice free road.

And not much traffic.

Scenery along the way.

Lots of volcanic hills.

More scenery.

We are entering berry growing country.
Lots of greenhouses.

We made it to Camecuaro National Park at noon. With a quick 10 minute pee break, it had taken us three hours to do 128 kms (79 miles).

They have a big parking area at the park, and I went in ahead of the group to make sure it would be suitable. It's not really level in most areas, but we could make it work for a night. It cost 20 pesos per vehicle, and 20 pesos per person in the vehicle. This included entrance to the park. And, they said we could stay overnight with no extra cost.

A State Police truck came in and the guy took some photos of our rigs. They would get the occasional rig staying here I'm sure, but never a group of 8 at once. We go to places that other caravans don't!

Me, out talking to the police guy.

He said we would be fine here. 
I think they drove through a couple of times during the night.

After some lunch, we walked down to the park itself. It's a very small National Park, and interesting to visit because the small lake is lined with 300 year old cypress trees.

They have boat rides too.

Roy, Sue, Denise, Ruth, Bob.

Pretty, clear water!

Mr. and Mrs. Duck.

Really interesting trees and roots.

Denise, Sue, and Ruth.

Ruth and a big cypress tree.

Cypress trees.

Ruth and another cypress tree.

We stopped for a drink.
Roy, Sue, Bob, Denise, Ruth, and Garth.

These kids were paddling a boat full of wood.

We stopped and bought some Mexican treats.

I think everybody bought something!

View of the area. Lots of greenhouses.

More greenhouses.

A flowery tree of some kind.

Another great stop. But, only for a night. Today, we head to Valle de Juarez!

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And in Canada...


  1. Very neat cypress trees. I fell in love with a coconut candy treat in Zihuatanejo, kind of look like some of those

    1. It is wonderful to see the cypress trees totally surrounding the lake which has such clear blue water.

      That is the first time that we have bought the coconut treat, it tastes really nice but is a bit chewy and sticky for our teeth.

  2. I want to hear more about those treats!!!! What were they? :)

    1. I believe they are called cocadas and they are generally made with shredded coconut and sweetened condensed milk and then baked.

  3. My husband would love to see the Cypress tress. Beautiful photos as always.

    1. I hope one day you can make it here, it really is such a pretty place. Glad you are enjoying our photos! :-)

  4. Replies
    1. It really is a pretty place, very picturesque! :-)


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