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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Off to do a timeshare tour

Up before 7am, and at 8am we'll head over to the timeshare place. Our appointment is at 9am, but we'll show up a bit early and eat some of their food!

Check back later to see if we bought a timeshare...or if the sales people just wasted their time. Hmmm....wonder which it will be?

Well that was an easy $82. We got $50 cash, and two Imax tickets that would have cost $16 a piece. In and out in just under an hour! So now, Ruth and I have a Saturday night date planned!

The 3 different people who tried to sell us the timeshare now know all about couchsurfing! I don't think the timeshare people like the couchsurfing philosophy very much!

We left with the goods, and went for a walk along the beach. Still a bit chilly out, but it's a beautiful sunny day.
Whiskey and Kevin...Whiskey LOVES walking on the beach!

After the walk on the beach, we had some lunch and then drove up to a park we had seen on the way to the timeshare place. Took Whiskey for another walk around a pond, and then headed over to the baseball facility. Their game didn't start until 3:00pm, but we had some major cleaning that needed to be done on Sherman, and I had a squealing fan belt that needed to be tightened. So we got there about 1:00pm, and did some work for a couple of hours. But it was nice out, so we had the door open while we were working.

The game started at 3:00pm, and the boys got off to a good start. Score was 7-1 for us by the end of the second inning. It was COLD though. Sure, the sun was shining, and the actual temperature was about 50F (10C), but it was windy. We were bundled up with as many clothes as we had on last night when it was colder, but without any wind. Anyhow, the boys played a good game and won it 9-4. They play again at 6:30pm tonight, and we're bringing the sleeping bags to wrap around us!

Right now we're nice and toasty inside Sherman while Ruth has the oven on making chicken enchiladas. It is SO NICE having your home right there with you when you're travelling!

The boys won tonights game as well! They built up a good lead, and by the 6th inning it was 8-3. But the other team got some runs in, and at the bottom of the 9th it was 8-6 with a runner on base. But we closed the deal, and won it 8-6.

It wasn't as cold as we thought it was going to be because the wind totally died down. Still chilly, but we were all wrapped up, so we were fairly comfortable. I'm sure we'll need the sleeping bags for tomorrows 9am game as well!

Distance driven today: 12 miles (20 kms)
Distance driven total: 1,010 miles (1,616 kms)

March fuel: $263.50
March Groceries: $96.91
March overnight: $0.00
March Misc: $24.67


  1. I have attended several of these and always like the free breakfasts and gifts. There is now in heck I would ever buy a timeshare, but I do like the goods.

  2. I just had some friends in Puerto Vallarta for a vacation who got $450 CASH to come to a presentation - and they said no thanks. I guess the sales crews are desperate down here. That paid for one of their plane tix! Good deal!

  3. We are really loving this time share thing! The free money and gifts, not the time share itself. You are right there is no way we would do this, but if they are willing to hand out money and gifts we'll take it.

    SF Kid...I think that it is great that yours friends got $450, when we were in Charleston we had to turn down $75 or more to go to a presentation because we had Whiskey with us and we couldn't leave her in the car as it was too hot. Oh well, maybe in Fort Meyers we will find more.


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