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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Made it to Florida

Whiskey let us sleep in this morning! We didn`t get up until 7:40am. But it`s raining, and so I guess she just didn`t see the need to get outside. We`re headed for the Florida border today, which is about 120 miles away. If the rain keeps up, we`ll probably just keep driving.
The horses and llama that we were camping with

We're in Nahunta, Georgia. It's been pouring rain the whole morning, and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. I guess we'll just keep driving until it stops.

Here's our driving map for today, although we may continue further on...

We made it to the town of Hilliar, Florida. This actually looks like not a bad town, and we could probably find somewhere to park for the night. But we are going to head towards Cary State Forest about 25 miles south of here and see if we can camp there. Probably won't have internet if that's what we do, so this may be the last post for today!

We made it to Cary State Forest and inquired about camping. They have three small camping areas, and a washroom and shower building. It had rained a lot, and so two of the camping areas were too wet for my liking. The third had a very narrow entrance road, but I walked it and figured Sherman could manage it. So we went and talked to the ranger station where you were supposed to get a permit. They said it was no problem, and camping was $5. Now, figure that the day use fee is $2 per person and that includes parking and use of the trails and facilities. So camping overnight is only $1 more. We like Florida State Forests!

The entrance road to our campsite.

Kevin and Whiskey on the swamp trail.

And, we are the only ones here. We have the entire campground to ourselves! And it`s now almost 10pm and we have the main door open, with only the screen door closed and are sitting in t-shirts. Temperature inside Sherman is 75F (24C).

Distance driven today: 144 miles (230 kms)
Distance driven total: 1,456 miles (2,330 kms)

March fuel: $438.25
March Groceries: $120.20
March overnight: $5.25
March Misc: $48.67
(Note: prices are in CAN dollars, although the exchange rate is almost even right now anyhow)

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