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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fort Myers Beach

We headed to the beach this morning. Fort Myers Beach was supposed to be one of the best beaches in Florida, so we wanted to make an effort to see it. It was a little bit difficult finding a parking spot for Sherman.

 There is only a 2 lane street running the entire stretch, and traffic was pretty busy, even at 10am in the morning. But eventually we came to an empty lot on the right side that had a sign saying $5 parking, all day. So we squeezed ourselves in there, knowing that we were only going to be less than 2 hours. I think they probably would have charged us $10 because we would take up 2 spots, but it was on a self serve deal at the time, so we dropped our $5 into the mail slot and left.

It was a pretty nice morning, but there was still a cool wind blowing. Quite a few people were starting to get themselves set up in the sun though.

Whiskey and Ruth on the beach. Notice the wind blowing Whiskey's fur!

Kevin and Whiskey on the beach! Whiskey loves the beach!

There is an RV park right on the beach. Now, I'll admit that this is some prime real estate, and they would have to charge some pretty high prices to make it worth their while. But they are packed in like sardines. We saw a couple of units with their awnings out, and the awning was maybe a foot from their neighbours slide out, if that! Sorry, not for us. Now, it is a nice beach. Not the best we've seen, but nice enough. Here's the front row units, which pay the prime price...

These people are paying $115 a day. Plus $9 a day for electricity.
 Plus $3 a day for a pet. 
Plus $10 a day if you have more than 2 people.
 Plus taxes.
The price goes down by about $10 a day for every row that you are from the beach.
If you are on the opposite side of the road, it is $80 per day.
They sure do have a long list of rules.

These people are camped in Mexico. They don't pay anything.
There are no rules.


  1. Boy doesn't that Mexico campsite look inviting?

    I'm with you on crowded campsites, but they are on the beach and it would be a beautiful sunset.

  2. It was and we pretty much had the beach to ourselves.

    Yes they are on the beach, but at a price. Personally I would rather stay at a Walmart and drive down and park by the beach for a day then to pay the price they pay and be crowded in so tight.


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