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Saturday, March 20, 2010

What a great game!

Just finished watching one of the best baseball games I've ever seen! The lead went back and forth all game, and we ended up pulling ahead by two runs in the top of the seventh. One of their guys got a home run in the bottom of the seventh, and we ended up winning 5-4.

So the boys are now 12 wins and 1 loss, with all 12 wins in a row. One more 7 inning game starting in 20 minutes, and then they head back to New York State.

We are going to head north as well. We've got another state forest campground picked out about 140 miles north of here, so we'll try and make it there late this afternoon. Hopefully they'll have room for us, because it is a weekend.

The boys won their afternoon game as well. 3-1. They have got to be proud of themselves. It's not that they're a super strong team...they just seem to play well as a team. Going into the season, we were hearing that last year's team was better, but that this years team really seemed to all get along together. Maybe that's the difference. It'll be interesting to see how the season plays out when they start playing up north. Their first game up there will be March 27th in Long Island, NY.

We arrived at Withlacoochee River Park around 5:30pm. This is a park operated by Pasco County, and they have a lot of nice hiking trails and both tent camping and an RV parking area. Dry camping is $5 per night, or water + electric sites are $15 per night. Just the way it should be! We are parked by a pine forest on side side, and a big recreation field on the other side. There are 3 different parties camped here. Us, one pop up tent trailer, and one with a tent. We drove by many packed full "rv parks" on the way here, and yet this place is almost empty. We obviously are not the norm. Most people want their 30A electric power, and their starchoice satellite tv.

Believe it or not, there is an old farm house the other side of the pine forest, with an unsecured internet signal. Isn't our Hawking wi-fi antenna amazing! It has surprised us time and again with its ability to get us online.

We may stay here an extra day! Maybe I'll get that new solar panel installed! We had been planning on going to the gulf coast and visiting Cedar Key, but it's supposed to rain there all day tomorrow.

Ruth and Kevin (and Sherman in the distance) at Withlacoochee River Park


  1. When yall start north, your same spot is still open at the Lake.. Ruth, I think you left a book in the car? have fun and be safe

  2. Hi Guys !!

    Of course, we have been following your trip daily, and clicking on some sponsor ads that we find interesting !!

    Your son's team is sure on a tear !!

    Re: Cedar Key.... I am sure you guys must know about some fellow RV'ers there, who, like us, believe in boondocking and the simple life. Their names are Pat and Cindy, and they have just bought a motel with 5 or so, RV sites. They are the neatest couple, and we have been following their blogs for several years now.

    It would be worthwhile to go to Cedar Key, just to meet them !! ( Pat seems a little grumpy today, dealing with some beauracratic red tape...LOL )

    They love photography, their dogs, and they are interested in meeting like minded folks !!

    Their link is

    Oooops, this is getting to sound like some kind of commercial for them, ha ha. But the truth is, we read your blog, and Cindy's Blog, and Pat's Blog, every day !!

    If you do make it to Cedar Key, please say "hi" to them, for us !!

  3. did whisey take that picture of you guys?

  4. Pete...we are sooooo tempted to stop in and see you and Pam one more time. You never know...

    Trent and Teresa...we are going to stay here for one more night, then go visit Pat and Cindy tomorrow.

    Lindsey...yep, Whiskey held the camera pretty steady, didn't she?!!


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