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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Manotick (Ottawa), Ontario. Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Greenwich, Nova Scotia, Canada on October 3rd.

Monday, March 1, 2010

We're on our way!

Ok so we are finally on the road! But before getting to today a quick run down on yesterday. Wow what a busy day it was. Lots of packing and cleanning. Luckily the weather was better than they forceast, nice bright sunny skies. Kevin got the furnance turned on in Sherman with no problem and loaded the bikes onto the back, then we went to install the water pump and one of the fittings broke off.
No problem he would pick one up at work and do the job later, then he had to head off to work. I did lots of running back and forth to Sherman with our things and packing them in. Only problem with the nice weather was that things were pretty muddy out, good thing for boot mats!

When Kevin came home in the afternoon, he got it installing the water pump. He had the wrong size of fitting, back to work again. Got back with the right piece and got the pump installed. Filled the tank up at bit, by running back and forth with our water bag as there was no outside working faucet. Once that was done enough to get the pump working he started it up. Pumlp worked but no water! Onto the internet, found out that the pump needed priming, once that was done the water started coming out, slowly but its working, good news. Finished packing and cleaning some time after 10pm. Went to bed in Sherman, exhausted but happy.

This morning when we got up it was just after 7am, late already we hope this isn’t an indication of how our day will go. Kevin gets Sherman started up, he didn’t even hesitate, he started up right away. Kevin goes to move Sherman to get the blocks out and realizes right away the brakes don’t feel right. Not a good sign. He knows he topped the brake fluid up in the fall so isn’t sure what the problem is and hopes its not serious. We know that we are in need of a master cylinder as there is a leak in the one we have, but he’s been keeping he eye on it and there has been no leakage. Anyways he gets out and checks, sure enough the fluid is low, but we don’t have enough so will have to pick some up. He’s kicking himself for not starting Sherman up a few days ago to make sure everything is fine.

Off we go, stop at Canadian Tire and get some fluid, and then on our way again. Adding the fluid has definitely made a difference, still not quite right but he thinks it just needs time to get through the system.

At the border we pull up to the booth and get the customary questions and then told to leave the vechile and enter the building for further questioning, 45 minutes later we are cleared through and told to enjoy our trip and we are on our way.

Thousand Islands Tourist Region at the border.

Now in New York State!

Interstate 81 South of Syracuse NY...quite a bit of snow here!

Uneventful drive through Syracuse NY, and now stopped in Cortland NY which is about half way between Syracuse and Binghamton. Using the free wifi coming from the local volunteer fire hall! (posted at 1:15pm).

Check in again later, and we'll update as the day goes on...

Well we didn’t make it as far as we wanted…but pretty close. We’re parked up at the Walmart in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. About 75 miles (120 kms) short of where we figured we might stop at Frederick, Md. The rest of the drive went pretty good though, weather was fine, and the sun even broke through for the last hour or so. Only had one section where we were backed up just outside Scranton where a car had caught fire…but it was only for 15 minutes or so.

Pennsylvania scenery.

Lots of truck traffic on this highway though…it’s certainly not an enjoyable, relaxing drive. I thought I might have got tired driving this afternoon, but you never get a chance to get tired! Oh, and Shermans brakes are fine now, by the way!

Our trusty Hawking antenna cannot pick up an unsecured network, so we have no internet here! So this blog post will have to wait until Tuesday morning!

Distance driven today: 383 miles (615 kms).

March fuel $ 100.00
March Groceries $  71.29
March overnight $  0.00
March Misc $  27.03


  1. binghamton,my home town!!!!!!
    bring me bread please,take pictures please!!!
    drive safe they had alot of snow

  2. You will be passing Scranton soon, thats Sams hometown,we were up there in December and there was no snow and it was warmer than St Louis Mo. They just had 12-18 inchs of snow so I hope I-81 is plowed real good for you. Boy after this winter we wish we were in your shoes,since Dec 12th this weekend was the first trip Sam took in the bus that wasn't in snowstorms or ice,Maybe because he went south to Arkansas for a change and it was sunny and 55*farenhite.Hope you have apleasant and safe trip and enjoy Florida. Be Safe Sam & Donna

  3. Hi Kevin and Ruth....and Whiskey

    Glad to hear you are finally on the road. We wish you a month of fun and adventure !!

    Please be safe, and keep those photos coming our way...LOL

  4. Good to hear you are back on the road, simple answer to the problems you had with Sherman, use him all the time - motorhomes do not like being out of service.

  5. Thanks again for the comments!

    Nancy...Sorry no bread and no pictures. Unfortunately we are trying to make time today and haven't been able to do our leisurely drive like we would normally do.

    Sam & Donna...Roads were great in Scranton. The snow was all cleared off and the roads were dry. Its funny to see places further south than Kingston, Cda with more snow than we had. So much for The Great White North!

    Trent & Teresa...yes we'll keep the photos coming.

    Steve & Glen...Sherman doesn't plan on not being used again for a long time. He may sit for a while but we will be in him.


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