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Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy around the racetrack

Lots of activity around the track today. It's amazing watching the RV's come in and get parked up for the weekend. Seems we might be paying more for our parking spot than we thought. Looks like things have gone up to $150 for the 4 nights. I'll admit that we're in a pretty good spot, but even the bad spots where it gets muddy go for $100.
But man, there is tons of money changing hands for a race weekend. And the million dollar motorhomes and different rig setups going to post some pictures when we have a good enough connection.


Well it wasn’t a great day. In fact, it was a MISERABLE day. It started raining around 2:00 this afternoon, just spitting on and off. Then it started getting cooler and windy. Then the rain came harder, and it just didn’t stop until after supper, and even then it rained on and off until now.

The Nascar Sprint Cup cars were supposed to do their qualifying at 4:00pm, but obviously that didn’t happen. And we could have gone down to see the vendors and advertising sponsors, but it wouldn’t have been much fun in the rain, even though most of them have awnings. So we just sat around and had a few beers, and watched all the big motorhomes drive by our site as everybody arrives for race weekend. I had a late afternoon nap, then after supper we took Whiskey for a walk in the cold and had to turn the furnace on when we got back.

Watched a movie this evening…”The Man”, with Eugene Levy and Samuel L. Jackson. It was kind of funny.

So we are camping the way we NEVER like to camp, and all so that we can experience a NASCAR race weekend. We have paid $150 cash to be parked up for 4 days in our own little spot right beside a busy road, with other campers about 6 feet away on either side of us, with all kinds of generator noise in the background. It is most certainly not picturesque. But it is fun watching all the goings on, and hopefully the weather will improve for the rest of the weekend.

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