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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring training baseball...updated 7:45pm

Maybe. 8:15am, and we're parked in the big lot at City of Palms Park where the Boston Red Sox do their spring training.

The game is sold out, but there are standing room only tickets available that go on sale for $10 each at 9:00am. So Ruth is standing in line, and I will relieve her shortly. The things we do for our kids! Alex and one of his teammates wanted to see the game this afternoon, so we volunteered to see if we could get tickets for the 4 of us.

Got 4 tickets to the game. But it's overcast and currently spitting rain, and there's a 50% chance of rain this afternoon.

And so we found out around 11:00am that one guy on our son's team screwed up last night, and that as a result, the entire team is restricted to the hotel today even though it is their day off. So our son and one of his teammates who were supposed to meet us here, obviously weren't going to show up. Not sure I agree with the punishment...I think that one guy who did something wrong should be kicked off the team. There are a bunch of guys willing to play and to follow the rules. They should not be made to suffer becuase of one guy. But, it's not me who makes the rules.

So I wandered up to the lineup outside the stadium. Yelled in a loud voice that I had 2 standing room only tickets that I would sell at face value...and they were sold in 5 seconds. I know, I could have got more for them, but it just wasn't worth the hassle of wandering around in a low voice asking "hey...wanna buy some tickets?" Just couldn't see myself doing that. The game was sold out at that point, so I made a couple of young college guys very happy, as they were the ones who pulled out their money first.

It wasn't the most exciting game. Mets beat the Red Sox 4-2. But the fans were half of the entertainment. Lots of people dressed in full St. Patricks Day costumes.

Made a detour to the Super Walmart. It is easy to tell that we are in the U.S....there are a lot less grocery stores here than in Canada. But it's not a Florida thing, because we notice the same thing in New York State. A whole lot more people eat in restaurants. Anyhow, we needed to stock up on groceries (and beer!) so we got a major shopping job done.

I thought I'd give an update on our total expenses so far this trip. When we get back to Canada I'll give a breakdown of each category that gives a further explanation of where the money went.

March fuel: $517.00
March groceries: $220.37
March overnight: $25.90
March misc: $91.03
March entertainment: $41.40
March alcohol: $89.77
March motorhome expense: $32.71

Total for the trip so far: $1,018.18

(Note: prices are in CAN dollars, although the exchange rate is almost even right now anyhow)

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