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Sunday, March 28, 2010



Slept great, and it didn’t get as cold last night. Even made it through the night without the furnace on. Our sunshine has disappeared though, and it’s totally overcast now. It was supposed to rain overnight, but it never did, so maybe we’ll get lucky and the race won’t get rained out.


Yes, writing in the blog at 3:00pm means the race got rained out. It was supposed to start at 1:00pm, and they did get the driver introductions done, and the national anthem sung, and then it started drizzling. So they got the jet dryers out on the track, and tried to dry things up. Just as they got the track dry, and were thinking about starting the race, it started raining a bit. By 2:30pm, they called the race. Now they’re going to try and run it Monday at noon.

The number of people who spend a whole pile of money, and then don’t get to watch the race is amazing. There are no refunds due to weather. If you bought a ticket, it will be honoured the day they hold the race. If that happens to be Monday or Tuesday and you can’t make it…you’re out your money.

So we will hang around until tomorrow (Monday) and see what happens. Hopefully it won’t get rained out again, but if need be, we can wait until Tuesday. Sitting in the motorhome watching the people trying to get out of here is kinda funny though. This one car has moved maybe 10 car lengths in the last 15 minutes. Feels good to be able to walk back to Sherman and not have to go anywhere!

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  1. I hope you were able to see the race today!

    Sure sucks when you can't count on mother nature... o

    Have fun!


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