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Monday, March 22, 2010

Heading for Cedar Key

We're going to drive about 120 miles to Cedar Key. It seems to be an often overlooked part of Florida that might be to our liking. It's a little out of our way, but looks like it might be worth the extra bit of driving.

Here's the approximate route for today...

So far, the sun is shining! Yesterday turned out a bit rainy in the afternoon, although we did manage a nice bike ride in the park before it started raining again. We're off to find a laundry and a dump station at some point. Oh, and some more gasoline....almost running on empty!

Distance driven today: 134 miles (214 kms)
Distance driven total: 2,084 miles (3,334 kms)

March fuel: $673.00
March Groceries: $309.71
March overnight: $35.90
March Misc: $129.98


  1. A lot of people love Cedar Key. We went there before we were rv'ers and weren't too impressed. Maybe we'd like it better now. Will be interested in seeing what you think!

  2. Cedar Key's fun. You can park at the marina and wander around but you can't camp there. Go to Tony's for incredible clam chowder.
    We stayed with Pat and Cindy Bonish at Low-Key Hideaway 352-543-0700. Downtown's about a mile walk from their place.


  3. Here's a little wide spot along the road on US 98 at Newport just west of the turnoff to St. Marks NWR, if you're heading that way. No idea how much it costs but I'll bet it's cheap.



  4. Oh the way out from Branson on Route 24 there is a little restaurant called Campbells. on the north side of the road. GREAT seafood and very reasonable prices. Also the fresh veggie mart on the north side of Chiefland is a nice stop before getting out to Cedar Key. We stop there every time we go to Florida and stock up for the way home too.

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/

  5. The name of the town is Bronson. Its about 35 miles east on state road 24 from Cedar Key (for those that dont know 24 is the only route in and out of Cedar Key). Campbell's Resturant has been closed now for about a year. After Mrs. Campbell passed away someone kept it open for a short time, but it is now. It sure was good though.

  6. Except we're not heading through Chiefland. I think we're going to take the 24 right upm through Gainsville, and then the 301/200 right to the I-95. Yes, we're going to get on the Interstate. Oh well.


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