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Friday, March 19, 2010

Baseball and batteries

Well another day starts!  So far it is sunny and not a cloud in the sky and no wind.  The first game today is at 10am so we are going to have our coffee/tea and a shower before heading out.  Once at the park we will have our breakfast.  The boys are playing University of Minnesota (Morris).

They won their first game 7-1 and the second game 8-2.  In between the games a few of the moms go out to the parking lot and set up a table with some food for the boys.  I usually go and help them out.  The boys are just given something light, like half a sub, some potatoes chips and something sweet (energy) and a drink just to take them through their second game.  Boy the food sure disappears fast when you have over 30 college age boys eating it!

After the second game Kevin was trying to decide when was the best time to go to a golf cart place that sold golf cart batteries that he had found online.  It was the best price he could find anywhere and they were in North Fort Myers, the direction that we would be heading after tomorrow's second game.  Our only problem was that the shop was only open until 2pm tomorrow, and Alex's second game would probably only be ending around then.  So Kevin was trying to decide whether to do it right after today's second game, tomorrow morning first thing (we would then miss some of Alex's first game) or leave his second game early to get them and then just keep going.  We don't really like to backtrack as it adds miles and more miles mean more gas which means more money.  We decided that by being at the park now were were really only 10 or so miles away from the shop so we went this afternoon and got the batteries.

After getting the batteries we went to the Fleamasters Fleamarket as they had lots of free parking and free admission.  We went in hopes of finding a couple of baseball hats, one for each of us, lightweight cargo pants for Kevin, possibly some new sheets for the bed and just look around to see if we could find anything else of interest. We didn't realize that they closed at 4pm so we really only had 45 minutes.  All we walked out with was a small collapsible stool for $3 which I need for the long bus tours when I go through the bus asking people for their comments on the trip and also any suggestions that they might have.  It will make it easier on my knees!

Back at the hotel, Kevin sorted out the basement compartments to make room for the new batteries until he figures out how to place them and get them all hooked up.  He now has a big project ahead of him with the solar panel and the batteries.

After supper we took Whiskey for a walk and treated ourselves to a Dairy Queen cone as the restaurant is right across the road.

Kevin is now trying to plan our next leg of the trip, back north, ugh!

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