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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fort Myers

We were up at sunrise, and took Whiskey for a short walk. We wanted to get on the trails before they got busy.

Had a nice bike ride and walked a few of the trails this morning. Again, a nice sunny day, but a bit breezy. There was a bit of a lineup at the dump station, and it was entertaining watching some people do that job. One couple took forever, and I almost went to go ask them if they needed help. Can't figure what they were doing that could possibly take that long.

Kevin, with the big old oak tree

We drove for an hour or so and are now only about 30 miles from the hotel where Alex and the baseball team are staying.

We made it to the Best Western around 3:30pm, and went inside to ask if we can park here. They said no problem, so I guess this is where we'll spend the next 6 nights. It seems pretty quiet in the evening, and we'll be at the ballpark during the day, so it should work out well.

The boys played their first game here at 6pm. They won it 10-7, and it was a really good game from a spectator point of view....always something happening. We had been up 10-3, and the other team started to come back which made it interesting. They play a double header tomorrow starting at 10am. They are now 5 wins and only 1 loss for the season.

Enjoying a night game in Fort Myers

I just added up our fuel purchases. We have bought exactly 180 gallons on this trip. Notice that we have driven 1,802 miles...10 miles to the gallon. Here is our exact fuel purchases, and the prices that we paid per gallon in US dollars...

Mar 1 35.0 gal @ $2.859
Mar 2 29.1 gal @ $2.579
Mar 4 28.4 gal @ $2.639
Mar 7 15.4 gal @ $2.599
Mar 10 18.1 gal @ $2.759
Mar 11 27.2 gal @ $2.759
Mar 13 26.8 gal @ $2.799

Distance driven today: 92 miles (147 kms)
Distance driven total: 1,802 miles (2,897 kms)

March fuel: $517.00
March Groceries: $137.86
March overnight: $25.90
March Misc: $78.17

(Note: prices are in CAN dollars, although the exchange rate is almost even right now anyhow)

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