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Monday, March 15, 2010

Double header today

Slept great in the Best Western parking lot. Looks like another beautiful day!

We're off to a double header...first game starts at 10:00am.

Wednesday is the boys day off, and there's a Boston Red Sox spring training game in Fort Myers...but the website is showing it as being sold out. So I'll phone them later and just confirm that. Maybe we'll rent a car and just tour around.

Well the boys won their first game, 9-7. They're now 6 wins 1 loss, and on a 6 game winning streak.

The boys are still on a winning streak. They won the second game 14-7. It's been some exciting baseball. They play another double header Tuesday starting at 2:00pm.

We're going to take Whiskey for a walk, and maybe inquire about renting a car. I doubt there any any deals to be had because it's March break, but you never know.

Went for a walk with Whiskey before supper. There's not much around here, just an industrial area really. But at least they have sidewalks. Walked for over half an hour and didn't see anybody else walking. Lots of cars though.

I've been doing some research into the beaches around here. Fort Myers Beach is about 14 miles away, and it's supposed to be one of the best beaches in Florida. It might be tought to find parking for Sherman, but I'm certain we can find a way. And the neat thing about Fort Myers Beach is that it is dog friendly! The city has made it so that people can enjoy the beach with their dog. Only three rules...1) Rover must be on a 6 foot leash. 2) You must pick up after Rover, and the city supplies you with doggy doo bags. And 3) if someone comes close to Rover, you must physically pull Rover closer to you so as not to allow the dog the possibility of making contract with the person passing by. Simple. Break the rules, and you get a $32 fine.

Seems like every couple of weeks I have to mention something about Google Adsense. You know, the ads that we have on our site. We make a few cents every time somebody visits them. Kind of a neat program, don't you think? They're totally checked by Google to be virus free, and it costs you absolutely nothing to visit one of them if you see something that interests you.


  1. Been to Fort Meyers Beach many times and recommend it.It is definetly one of the nicest beaches we've ever visited.


  2. Headed to Fort Myers Beach today, thanks Mike/Jen, Whiskey included because it is a dog friendly beach.


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